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Documents and evidence

You will find on this page various documents supporting what I am asserting on this website.

The main difficulty of a targeted individual's situation is that the target can hardly prove to a stranger that he really is under surveillance.

I personally know I am under surveillance mainly because I really am. I knew it before finding any evidence. I'm also aware of it because those who are surveilling me let me know indirectly.

I have demonstrated to someone in the past that I really am under surveillance by combining many supposed "coincidences". There are too many of them that it cannot only be "coincidences". In the case of the imitation and the targeting in the medias, hundreds of those "coincidences" are happening, and probably even thousands if I had the time and the resources to keep them into account.

How can they do such a thing?

Someone from the general public who doesn't have an inside source amongst the "elites" could hardly claim really knowing how these people can spy 24h a day everywhere and read minds. Many theories are in circulation, like satellite surveillance, implanted chips, radars, electromagnetic waves, cameras, drones, helicopters, and remote viewing.

I can't personnally claim that I know exactly what they are doing. At the begginning, I had the feeling that they were using satellites, and eventually, with the documentation I have found, I thought it was also done using electromagnetic waves that can travel through walls. I did not think that it was done using an implanted chip, because I do not know when they could have intalled it. I got aware of all kinds of versions about this : at the dentist during dental fillings, during an operation (I never got an operation), through medication (hidden inside a pill), in a compact crowd (these chips are miniature and they would somehow surreptitiously introduce them under the skin). Don't forget that we also have chips in debit cards and credit cards. Personnally, I find suspicious the people who insist to much on the necessity of a chip. It's like they are trying to hide something, like in the news when they show a picture of a cassette when they talk about spying at conversations, like if they want the listener to concentrate on an old invention and forget about the new advances in the field of technologies.

I personnally have a preference for the theory that they don't have to install a chip anymore to put someone under mental and physical surveillance and that they can do it remotely, but I do not have infused science. It can also be many things at the same time, the new inventions not automatically eliminating the previous ones. For instance, we still read paper books even if electronic books exist, we listen to the radio even if television as been invented, we use conventinal ovens even if microwaves oven exist, etc. We are constently surrounded by many things : satellites (they are not that far), planes, helicopters, antennas, telephones, radios, televisions, computers, cameras, all sorts of cables, and the invisible waves that surrounds us all the time and that can travel through us and objects surrounding us. All these elements can contribute to facilitate this surveillance.

About satellites, I have seen an article in the news (at the time it happend, I was under the impression that they were indicating something to me, but it might also just be another of their limited hangouts) that satellite technologies have the capacity of identifying what lies beneath the Antarctic ice (see the link to this article below in the section about satellite surveillance). They also use for this purpose radars, electromagnetics and acoustic techniques. In the case of electromagnetic waves, they can travel through water to communicate with submarines. Furthermore, in a class that I took in philosophy of knowledge, I have learned that the existing technologies are in advance of 100 years compared to what is known from the general public.

About remote viewing and parapsychology, I have personnaly experienced throughout my life phenomeona that have started after I got interested more seriously in spirituality and meditation at the end of my teens and at the beggining of adulthood. I was reluctant to talk about this, because gang stalking and the type of surveillance I am under are already hard to proove and to believe in as it is, even when you only stick to technologies. However, we live in a society that often wants to avoid what can be done naturally and replace it by technological means that requires less efforts and training. This is one of the reasons why I have a tendancy to think that they are using technologies. But again, I cannot claim that I know exactly what they are doing.

Here are various documents concerning this type of surveillance. I pay attention to the choice of texts that I place on my site, but I might not always identify 100% of the disinformation circulating about this issue. These texts are nonetheless representative of what can be found about targeted individuals, a situation that I personally am living.

Nicolas Desurmont's articles on gang stalking

These articles are in French.

Desurmont, Nicolas, La géocriminologie en contexte de gang-stalking   Consult (pdf)

The same author as also written another interesting article that can be found in libraries. You can also search for it on the Web :

Desurmont, Nicolas, Vers une problématique du harcèlement criminel en réseau.

This article as been published in 2006 in the No. 3 of the following magazine : Revue internationale de criminologie et de police technique et scientifique (Neufchatel, 2006, 3, LIX, p. 350-374).

Targeted individuals testimony at a U.S. commission

Verbatim report :

Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues - Mind Control Victims Testimony   Consult (pdf)

Here's also the video version of the testimony :

Against use of Psychotronic (Mind Control) Weapons. Testimonies of victims

The answer the participants apparently have received from the commission. This letter was in circulation on the Internet :   Consult

Mind Reading

- Patents

These U.S. patents were issued about technologies allowing remote mental surveillance :

Apparatus and method for remotely monitoring and altering brain waves   Consult (pdf)

Communication system and method including brain wave analysis and/or use of brain activity   Consult (pdf)

You can verify the authenticity of those patents by using the following links :

United States Patent and Tradmark Office
Free Patents Online

- Scientific Studies

Two studies published in 1997 and 1998 demonstrating that reading someone's thoughts is technologically feasible. Those studies are about reading words and sentences.

Brain wave recognition of words
Brain-wave recognition of sentences

Satellite surveillance

A report from the U.S. Congressional Research Service about the deployment of reconnaissance satellite. Legal issues are also discussed :

Satellite Surveillance : Domestic Issues   Consult (pdf)

An article about the satellites' capacities to identify what lies beneath the Antarctic ice :

Major, Jason, What Does Antarctica Look Like Under the Ice?, June 7, 2013    Consult  (article on the Internet)

Colonel John B. Alexander article on remote viewing and Soviet and American reaserch in the field of parapsychology

Alexander, John B., "The New Mental Battlefield : Beam Me Up Spock", Military Review, 1980   Consult (pdf)

Soviet and Czechoslovakian reaserch in the fields of parapsychology and behavior manipulation :

LaMothe, John D., Controlled Offensive Behavior, Defense Intelligence Agency, 1972   Consult (pdf)

Maire lll, Louis F. et LaMothe, John D., Soviet and Czechoslovakian Parapsychology Reasearch, Defense Intelligence Agency, 1975   Consult (pdf)

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