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Mass Killings

Since I am targeted, many mass killings have made reference to me. This is why I have decided to dedicate a page to this aspect of the targeting of my person. It has been going on like this since 2006.

I use the expresion "mass killings" because the targeting is not only occuring with shootings. For instance, I also am targeted by mass killings occuring by plain crashes and stabbings. However, it is mostly via shootings that I am targeted. Besides the killings, I also am targeted otherwise by all sorts of sensational stories.

Table of Content :

2006 to 2014

Video About Being Targeted by the Shootings

2015 : The Targeting by Mass Killings Goes on

    Dylan Roof in Charleston

    Vester Lee Flanagan

    Chris Harper Mercer

    The Paris Attacks

    Robert Lewis Dear

    San Bernardino Shooting

    The Brussels Attacks

Mass Killings in 2016 :

    Jason Brian Dalton in Michigan

    Cedric Ford in Kansas

    The Orlando Shooting

    Failed Attack at Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris

    The Ohio State University Stabbing

Other Shootings where I was Targeted but that I have not Described here in Details

Why am I Targeted by Mass Killings?

2006 to 2014

Back in 2006, I was looking at the coverage of a mass killing on television. It had occured in my hometown. I was watching television and listening to the radio at the same time. For some reason, a segment of the coverage made me laugh. It's not that I thought the killing was funny, but something made me laugh. I think it was just the deployment of authorities that the killing had caused, as well as official statements they made in the media. I do not remember exactly why, but for some reason I started to laugh.

What I had found strange is that a radio host who's targeting me since the beginning and often imitated me started to laugh about at the same time that I did, or shortly after. Usually when a host is covering this type of event, he adopts an appropriate attitude and tone. I found it strange to hear him laugh like that. (However, since I personally laughed, maybe it's just that there really was something funny that happened.) Thereafter, I think it was the next day, a columnist who was also targeting me heavily (I had written to her at a newspaper where she was working at the time) commented on that laughter. She said something like "You know, sometimes, in dramatic situations when people are nervous, they start to laugh."

Several months after the killing, I was talking to someone on the Internet. I began to suspect that person (and another one too) to have been replaced by someone else, because of what they were telling me. One day she told me that she saw me in a subway station and she knew how I dressed. I asked her to tell me how I was dressed, and the description she gave me was that of the killer from the killing I just mentioned. The killer was dressed in an unusual way and I was not dressed like that.

At that time, I didn't know I would be systematically and internationally targeted by mass killings. I only realized when other killings occurred in other countries that they were targeting me. For some of these killings, a manifesto is also related to the event, sometimes referring to my ideas and my person, intermingling elements that truly represent me and others that are distorted. On other occasions, it is only a killer without any text related to the event.

At the time I started being targeted, my computer got hacked. I had a document that I had entitled The Invisible Doctrine. It was only a draft document in which I wrote all sorts of ideas with the intention of eventually making a complete text out of it. These people know that I wanted to write a document, so they created a very elaborate simulation out of my ideas and the espionage of my conversations and of my person, a simulation that is still ongoing as I am writing these lines, and it is going on internationally.

(I'm not saying that I'm the only one who comes up with such ideas. Other targets are also in the same dynamic and can get to similar conclusions. What I'm saying is that every time I do or say something since 2005-2006, there is a reaction that follows in the medias, in the public debate, in art and in many other areas. What is being done is related to my views, my way of expressing myself and the way I behave, even when someone else has said something similar before. It is when I say it that they have this reaction. They follow my reasoning and try to neutralize it.)

Being targeted as I am, I personally think that the highly and internationally publicized mass killings are staged. I'm being targeted by the killers, by is writing, by the published pictures used for the media coverage, by the report itself and by various individuals involved in the event. What's really going on? Are there really people being killed? Are these shooters working for someone and killing civilians? Are the shooters provided with informations about targeted individuals? Are they under mind control? Are there technologies involved to influence them? I have no idea. All I know is that there is something strange about these killings. I know it because I've been targeted for several years.

I have in my possession two strange pictures that have been published about two killings. The two pictures targeted me. One of them is the picture of a guy who looks like me, but do not look like the person it is supposed to represent. The guy looks like me when I was a little younger, maybe in my early thirties. The resemblance in not identical, but the picture looks more like me than the guy it's supposed to represent. In fact, there is no resemblance whatsoever between the picture and the person it is supposed to represent. All the other pictures or videos of that person are completly different. (This person is also very strange and controversial.) It is as if the picture was designed to capture imagination about a version of myself that is carried out by the medias. The picture is a combination of what I really look like, mixed with the content of conversations I had with my hairdresser, who are always recorded and often quoted. The haircut in the picture is a haircut I had talked about with my hairdresser, but that I've never worn. (A pop singer watching me all the time, or whose entourage is watching me, also came out once with a haircut that I had talked about with a hairdresser. Her new look was also linked to a song that targeted me.) The beard is also similar to the way I had cut it once in front of the mirror in my bathroom. I never wore such a beard, but I had done something like this once while I was shaving. There always looking at me. The shirt that the guy wears on the picture is also similar to shirts that I wear. So the picture is like a combination of various things I have said and done. I have this picture on my computer and they know it. The guy looks like a demon, like if he was representing one side of my personality that is not always apparent and that they interpret and twist. When I get like that, I personally think it's for good reasons, for example if I'm in front of people who are always after me. However, they give their own interpretation of this behavior and it's like they're telling me with this picture " That's who you are! That's the criminal who contacted and manipulated the medias! ", which is not true. This is an imaginary conception that the medias are carrying out about me and that expresses a behavior I sometimes adopted, especially when I was younger, for what I considered being good reasons.

This photo is also linked to the constant examination of everything I do. As soon as I change something in my appearance, like a haircut, for them it's as if I am someone who's trying to change his identity in order to disappear. A picture must then be in circulation to report a criminal, as if they didn't know where I am. These people know exactly where I am and where I work and they know about everything I'm doing. There absolutaly not loosing my trail.

What has been said by the guy that this picture is supposed to represent is also linked to my private life, things related to my family. Members of my family are probably manipulated by those watching me, no matter how it is being done, by contacting them directly, by using technologies or mind control through the medias, the music industry and the Internet.

I also have another picture that was published by the medias and which is supposed to represent a killer but that looks more like a co-worker, only in this picture. What happened is that I had a conversation with a female co-worker. As usual, the conversation was recorded. Every interaction I have with a person of the opposite sex seems to be very interesting for those who are watching me. (I've read that the freemasons are constantly analysing relationships between men and women.) They seem to be even more interested when it comes to a young woman. The days following this conversation, I was being targeted by advertisment in the medias, especially by a certain company that I boycott because its founder was often targeting me. (I was even targeted by a strange employee when I went into one of his stores. He also renovated the store because I yelled at him in my apartment saying that his store wasn't nice, which was true. I was screaming at him because the targeting was making me upset. I was telling him "Other companies have nicer stores and they leave me alone!") I also went to a financial institution where I had an account (which I also boycott now because they were constantly targeting me through the medias and a politician) and the name of this girl appeared on an electronic board.

That killer had supposidly written a text. It targets me, but incorrectly. It is a distorted view of what I did during my life, coupled with the publication of this false picture that looks like a co-worker who is the boyfriend of the young woman I had a conversation with. It's like there telling me "The picture you have on your computer from the other killing, it's not really you, it's another guy that we are targeting." They often do that, saying it's not me, it's someone else. They also give credit for what I do to others. It happened to me at work since I am targeted (not where I'm actually working). The same in my family, it's not me, it's another family member, like I exlplain in the section about the use of family members.

There is also something strange with the department where this young woman works. The guy I'm talking about in the section on helicopters also worked at this department. The conversations of the young woman often targeted me indirectly. She was saying things she couldn't know about me, which was also sometimes the case with her manager, especially when I was a new employee. However, there are strange people adopting this kind of behavior in all departments where I work. When it does not affect me directly, I do not say anything and I ignore the situation.


Video About Being Targeted by the Shootings

In this video, I give an exemple of indications that they sometimes give me before an event occurs, like a mass shooting. I also talk about the targeting of my person by the use of black people. The Web site that I show in this video does not link to mine, and never did, this is why it is strange that I find this link in the statistics of my Web site before a shooting occured. It is about the shooting supposedly commited by someone who called himself a targeted individual. Is name was Myron May. This video has been added on my page on January 18, 2015, and also can be found in the Internet Archive.


2015 : The Targeting by Mass Killings Goes on

Dylan Roof in Charleston

I claim that another shooting targets me. It is the one that occured in Charleston, South Carolina, on June 17, 2015. The shooter's name is Dylann Roof. I am not saying that he is personally responsible for the elements that are targeting me. He can be under control, no matter how it's being done.

Here is the text the shooter reportedly has written :   pdf file

Various elements that are targeting me :

● The reference to typos made by the killer in is manifesto, which makes reference to what I add said recently on my Web site when I added the section entitled How I work under surveillance on the page of my testimony. That's psychological warfare. It's being done to a lot of people who write about their experience, and also against dissident writers. It also makes the people who are against the target repeating this.

● The way the text is written imitates with exageration my English writing, mostly the rough versions. It gives the impression of having been written by someone who's writing in a foreign language. I think they also imitate the ponctuation of my master's degree thesis.

● The fact that the shooting has targeted black people. I'm absolutely not being aggressive towards black people, but I had said over the past months that they are being used to target me. I've said this in my video and in the section that I call Ideological figures that I have completed on the french version of my testimony's page. Many things that I have expressed in private are also being mentioned in the supposed shooter's manifesto.

● The fact that I was going in South Carolina for summer vacations when I was young with the family that had adopted me. They were bringing the family to Myrtle Beach. A show host that targets me was making reference to this. I also was once in Charleston. We were going in South Carolina for a couple of months, in the American Southern culture.

The first three pictures below are pictures of me when I was a kid and a teenager. On the first picture, I'm at my place when I was young, and on the other two pictures, I'm in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I do not like the second one because I grimace at the camera and I am wearing a shirt with a professional sport team logo, but I still put it here because I want to show the similarity of the hair color between me and the killer. The last two pictures show Dylann Roof.


Source : http://edition.cnn.com/2015/06/23/us/dylann-roof-photographs/, consulted on July 5, 2015

Source : http://www.thedailybeast.com/cheats/2015/06/20/republicans-want-confederate-flag-down.html,consulted on July 5, 2015

You can see for yourself the similarity of the hair color between me and the shooter : blond hair with a chesnut/brown color that shows more at the center of the head. My hair color has changed since (and the color was already starting to change on the third picture), but when I was going to South Carolina, it's the hair color that I had. They know about this. I also am someone who has a propensity not to smile all the time, and when I was young, there was a period of time when I looked a little more aggressive, which is also what the killer looks like on the picture. I also have listened in the past to the hard rock band Guns N' Roses, which is something that they know and that they have talked about. Maybe it's what they also are making reference to with these pictures showing the killer with a gun and wearing sunglasses. They often make this type of reference to me when they stage these shootings. They do it by targeting various aspects of my life and my personality that can seem contradictory, and it's always done in a way that it can look like a coincidence, because what they show is not identical. The target then has a hard time proving this and people can argue and say "You're not the one they're making reference to!", but at the same time he feels targeted because the elements that they refer to reminds him of his personal life, and it's designed to do so.

If you look at these pictures and you don't believe me, there's nothing more I can do. I live the situation and I know that I really am targeted by these killings. I show the evidence that I have.

Here are other elements that are targeting me :

● When I was young, I was listening to a show called The Dukes of Hazzard. I also had a Matchbox car that was a replica of the General Lee, which was the name given to the car in this show. Those who know about this car know that it has a Confederate flag painted on the top. This staged shooting was the pretext to start a contrevorsy over this flag. This Matchbox car was my favorite one, and they know it, because they know each and every details about me. To me, when I was young, it was just a car that I liked seeing jumping over ditches. It was not something political, but I always thaught that the flag was nice. I actually liked it.

● Local politicians in South Carolina make reference to me. Since I am targeted, the medias and the international political network make reference to the fact that I was going in the South of the United States when I was young. As I have grown, I got interested to Europe and my French roots. It's something that seems to disturb them. Both things seems to disturb the authorities : the fact that I was going in the South for the summer, and my interest for European art up to the 19th century, not really liking contemporary art and technologies. I do not psychologically have ideas that corresponds to contemporary values. It's not the type of mental that I have.

● Mind reading has been used : about one week before the shooting, I was thinking about this Matchbox General Lee car that I had when I was young. I was seeing images of the flag in my mind. I had thoughts about going on the Internet to see footage of the show and see this car jumping, which I have not done. It was only thoughts. I was just having souvenirs of my youth, which happens to everybody. This shows you to what extent they are politically preoccupied by what people are thinking. Of course, I cannot proove this, because it's only thoughts.

I personally think that this killing is a false flag. This type of operation is often mentionned in "alternative" medias. It aims at holding for responsable another individual or group for commiting attacks or killings than the ones who really have commited them. For instance, in the case of the Charleston killing, they try to make people believe that a white guy who likes to take pictures of himself with the confederate flag as attacked black people. They can then use it politically.


Vester Lee Flanagan

After my comments on the Charleston shooting, a new killing as occured on August 26, 2015. Again, I do not believe in the reality of this one. The shooter was named Vester Lee Flanagan. He also had a pseudonyme : Bryce Williams. Here is how they referred to me :

● The individual selected for this staged event is typical, what I personnally call an ideological figure. (It is something that I explain on my testimony's page. The full text has not been translated yet.) In this case, it is a mixed figure : black / homosexual.

● The footage seen in the medias has been designed to look like a video game. Those who are surveilling me have made a fuss about the fact that I have not lived all of my life without ever playing video games. These games are one elements of their technological and ideological agenda. It is better to never play these games.

● This individual has a degree in audio visual technologies. Technologies are something that I have criticized on my Web site. (See the section of my testimony on the stealing of my artwork.) Compared to the Charleston killing, it is like if they defend this shooter. He is black, homosexual and has a degree in audio visual technologies, so the controversy takes less extent at the level of the dominant political class.

● He has been escorted out of his working place by the police while having an altercation with his director, which is something that has happened to me because of my targeted individual situation.

● For the Charleston shooting, the confederate flag was an issue and I have talked about it in the last section. The flag has been removed from local Parliament building. In this case, there is also a flag, the gay pride flag, whitout the controversy taking that much magnitude. This killing, in combination with the one in Charleston, was designed in order to reinforce the dominant ideology in the mind of the public.

So what we have here is imitation with deformation through a staged event.


Chris Harper Mercer

This other shooting ocurred on October 1, 2015. The killer's name was Chris Harper Mercer. Here is how I was targeted :

● By the name Harper. On my Web site, I present myself has being conservative. In the past, I also have supported former Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, who was chief of the Conservative Party. Supporting this politician is one of the reasons why I am targeted. Those who are surveilling me have sometimes made reference to me indirectly by calling me "Harper". Now that I know everything I know, no politician has my support.

● The first name could also have a signification and be related to the targeting of my person.

● The killer has an interest in mass killings. Media representatives have made reference to me negatively because I got interested in mass killings, even though they are the ones who provoke this interest by targeting me. They try to make me look suspicious and at the same time catch my attention about this issue by targeting me.

● The killer claims that he has an interest for spirituality, which is something I have said on my Web site. You can see it for yourself on my testimony's page in the section about the stealing of my artwork. I also talked about it in the french version of my Web site in a section that I have called The ideological figures. The shooter was claiming that the dominant system is affecting the spiritual development of people, which is something I have said in private. The shooter also has said that he didn't like organized religions, which is a deformation of my views. In french, in the section called The ideological figures, I had said that not only members of religions can be targeted for their spirituality, but also people who have esoteric beliefs. I said I know about this because I am living the situation. This doesn't mean that I am against religions, and I have never really expressed my views about this or about the nature of my spiritualty, at least not publicly (I had talked about it when I called on a radio show, but not much). However, I do think that their is actually a problem with religions and those who are surveilling me know about it.

● This individual is mixed race and claims to be conservative. Fooling around with racial issues and conservatism is always something that they like doing. They like to twist things like this. They also know that I do not like to mix races and they have pressurized me in the past to get me into a relationship with a Hispanic woman, which is also something that I have said on the french version of my Web site.


The Paris Attacks

Over the last three years, I have made two trips to Paris. Since those who are surveilling me always stage events according to what I do, highly mediatized attacks have since occured in this city.

The last attacks, that have occured on November 13, have made reference to things that I have written on my Web site, which can be verified in the Internet Archive. In the section of my Web site called Texts and Ideas, I have said certain things against professionnal sports and modern amphitheaters. Shortly after, attacks have occured near a stadium. I also had previously made statements against heavy metal music, which is something that you can see on my testimony's page in the section about fake targeted individuals. I also have said that I was critical about the culture of the sixties that is conveyed in pop music. You can look for yourself in the section about the stealing of my artistic work. When the attacks occured at the Bataclan in Paris, a band that blends different influences like heavy metal (or hard rock with a name that makes reference to Death metal) and psychedelic music from the sixties and seventies has been targeted.

About the band, I would like to say that I think that all this is organized in order to victimize them and to advance an ideological program that is always the same and that is being set up by the "elites". They have the May '68 culture, they have heavy metal, hard rock, the psychedelic culture, hip hop, etc., and they use them while they fool around with political allegiances like the democrats, the republicans and the libertarians. All of this is done with the usually undeclared goal of destroying the traditionnal cultures by using their "progressism".

The victims of the attacks are often presented by the medias as being married or having kids, or both. I do not believe in the coincidence. It is organized in order to make this drug, alcool and asshole culture lool like a family oriented culture in order to replace a traditional culture related to religious values. The "CIA" is renowned to set up manipulation operations using musical bands, and it has been going on for years. (I may eventually give sources, but you can easily find them on the Internet. I know it is true, because it is something that I have observed as a targeted individual.)

Another thing that is notable is that one of the vicitms of the attacks was working for the french magazine Les Inrockuptibles that I had mentionned in the section about the stealing of my artistic work on the page of my testimony. I had made a drawing of a musician from the 1960' from a picture of this magazine. I had mentionned on this page that I didn't know what to think of this pop artist anymore in terms of authenticity and that my values are not concording with those of the highly mediatised culture of the 1960'. The text has been modified since, but you can find the original in the Internet Archive, just as the drawing. This journalist I am refering to here was the father of two daughters.

Since the attacks, a local politician who is targeting me since 2006 has said that male singles, like me, are dangerous. Like I have mentionned in my testimony, the autorities have often tried to depict me as a terrorist. This politician, that I find vulgar, is trying to demonise people like me as he remains complaisant in regard of the promotion of the 1960's culture. It is not surprising, since he is working for the "elites".

Since these attacks (as of November 22, 2015), two important figures from the american alternative medias, Alex Jones and Webster G. Tarplay, do not want to clearly say that we are in front of a false flag operation. Alex Jones as said that it is indirectly a false flag because the group Islamic State has originally been suported by the Americans. In the case of Webster G. Tarplay (who as indirectly said that someone like me who thinks that everything going on since 2006 is evolving around him is a person who has mental problems) says that it is not a false flag operation. A lot of people are conveying the idea that the Americans and their allies have lost control over what they initially have contributed to create, a situation that is compared to Dr. Frankenstein's monster. I personnally think that this operation was a false flag, because I do not believe in a group of independent islamics that would come on my Web site in order to target people and places according to what I write. Since I am targeted (2005-2006), I clearly am targeted by "progressist" occidental power (and some others too). I personnally believe that it is them again who are beind this in order to give themselves the pretext to go ahead with their operations in the Middle East.

I place here a link to a video from Webster G. Tarplay addressing to the French. I personnally think that the French people should not listen to this American manipulator. Here is the link :

Watch video

I also place here a picture of myself taken during my last trip to Paris, between September 19 and October 9, 2015 :

Here is also a copy of my plane ticket showing that I really have done this trip during this period of time :  pdf file

So, in sum, here are the reasons why I think that, again, those who are surveilling me find inspiration in my doings and what I have said in order to stage mass killings :

● Because I have made trips to Paris, the last one recently (at the moment I am writing these lines)

● Because I have criticized sports amphitheatres and professional sports shortly before the attacks. These amphitheatres are a political tool for the dominant power that is in place.

● Because I have talked against heavy metal music and the culture of the sixties, which are linked to the program MK-ULTRA. According to the medias, someone working for the French magazine Les Inrockuptibles, which I had written about on my Web site, has been shot.

● Because this type of events are continually going on since I am targeted.

According to me and my targeted individual situation, I think that a desinformation campaign is going on about the attacks, as it is always the case, but not only in mass medias. It is also done in the "alternative" medias, at least with some of their most prominent figures.

About this, here is a link to a video showing that drills on the same type of attacks had been going on the same day of the Paris events, which is something that is usually considered by conspirationnists as a sing that it is a false flag and a staged event. This time, some of the most prominent seem to ignore this fact (note : eventually, during his December 8, 2015 broadcast [ at 2:57:13 ] , Alex Jones approached the issue of the drill, but with a guest who has dismissed this hypothesis) :

Watch video

I personnally think that these individuals can play games with the rethoric about these events. They pay attention to what we are saying and strategically and consequently ajust themselves. They want to manage and confuse the ones who know about what is going on and who are openly saying that the version conveyed at a great scale by the medias is innacurate.

Their is also this article that appeared in the English newspaper, the Daily Mirror, where they report about a mysterious black Mercedes-Benz from which a shooter has emerged. Here is a link to the article :


As far as I'm concerned, as a targeted individual, I think that this event is actually a false flag operation, mainly for all the reasons that I have enumerated previously.

Moreover, it is not the first time that attacks or suicides occur after I had just been somewhere. During my first time in Paris, a highly mediatized political suicide had occured the day after I had visited a popular tourist area, exactly in the area where I was sitting. The political views of the one that had commited suicide were similar to mine and a female politician that is often targeting me had made comments.

Similar events also have occured in Quebec.


Robert Lewis Dear

This shooting has occured on November 27, 2015 in a Planned Parenthood clinic, in Colorado.

So now, they come up with this individual, a 57 year old guy born in (what a coïncidence!) Charleston, South Carolina. If you have read what I had written about the mass killing involving Dylann Roof, I had made comments about the fact that it had occured in Charleston. I had said that I had visited Charleston when I was young, as it is written on this page.

So, as usual, I am targeted again. Here's how (and again, I am not saying that this individual is responsable about everything that happened) :

● In articles about this guy, what they say is related to art and the spirit of independance of this guy. It is written on my Web site that I like art, that I have studied art history and that I paint. There are also on my testimony's page images of some of my paintings. They have tried in the past to hire me to sell art objects. Being an independant person, I have not let them set me up. Furthermore, I say in my testimony in the section about the fake targeted individuals that I am completely independant. Consequently, what they are doing is that they describe this shooter as an independant salesman, which is not what I am even though they have tried to make a salesman out of me. So what we are in front of here is a deformation linked to an imaginary conception that they are creating around my person. As I have said before, they always create this type of deformation.

● In the media coverage about him, they also make reference to his uncle. On this page, I have made certain comments about my uncle, which is something that you can see in the section entitled Why am I targeted by mass killings at the bottom of the page. This section was on my Web site before this mass killing occured and also before I wrote these lines, what can be verified in the Internet Archive. One version that was in circulation was that his uncle was painting representations of plantations in southern United Sates. So, again, there is a reference to the South like they have done with Dylann Roof. I have explained that when I was young I was spending summer in southern United States. They always intermingle diverse elements like this to create a crypted message.

● The medias also reported about a hunting gun that this individual would have used, a version that eventually has been modified. So, again, they are making reference to my uncle that had given me a hunting gun, which, again, is something that I have mentionned in the section Why am I targeted by mass shootings? that you can read at the bottom of the page.

● In the same section, Why am I targeted by mass killings?, I also have written about the attacks against common male caracteristics. I also have said that I think that the authorities are trying to silence man who talk louder in order to defend themselves. Consenquently, the shooter has been described has someone who has aggressive behaviors.

● This individual is presented as being a solitary who is not talking to everybody, which is often the profile of these shooters. They select this type because they use them to manage lone wolves. They often have indirectly described me as a lone wolf. I have written on my Web site that I am more a solitary than someone who hangs out in groups. You can verify this in the section of my testimony where I wrote about the people writing to me and creating links to my Web site.

● They say that the shooter is a silent guy, which is also something I have said about me in the section of my terstimony where I talk about cases of individual who are after me. I wrote about it at case one and four. This guy is publicized as a hermit living in a cabin without any water or electricity, even though it is also being said that he had an address, a house, and that he also had a wife. They like to describe these shooters as being hermits or solitaires. The case of the Unabomber, a guy who has commited attacks, is an exemple. Now, with everything that I know, I have doubts about the authenticity of the story of the Unabomber.

● The individual claims that he has not chosen his lawyer. He says to his lawyer "You are not my lawyer!" I have said in the section of my testimony about the stealing of my artwork that I had problems with finding the lawyer that I want. The medias had made reference to this remark.

● He has been accused of voyeurism by a female neighbour but the charge was eventually dismissed. I personnally had a problem with a female neighbour. I have not talked about this aspect of gang stalking yet because I do not like to talk about neighbours on the Internet. Since 2005-2006, the period of time the gang stalking started, there has been changes in the neighbourhood. What happened with her is that she was sunbathing in front of my window while looking inside my appartement (she is ugly and very coarse). She was litteraly staring inside my appartment and going on staring even when I looked at her. I closed the curtains. Eventually, she accused me by sticking a letter on my door of trying to know what she was doing in her appartment, even though she was the one who has once told me where a particular object was placed in my appartment. I had asked her how she could know about this, and she said "No! No! I saw it when you opened the door!", which is impossible because this object is not visible when I open the door and she is not near me when I open the door.

● There is also something about marijuana. This guy has moved to Colorado, an american state where they have legalized marijuana. They claim that he was using marijuana. There has been an operation targeting me about this issue. A Quebec professional sports figure who was constantly targeting me got a job in Colorado. Shortly after, marijuana has been legalized in this state. It was like a psychological operation targeting me because they know I am against legalization. When I had contacted the medias, I had made allusion to my views about this issue. Anyway, they know my views about this because they are spying on me. All this operation with the public figure might have been organized in order to make the legalization accepted in the imaginary of Quebec's population. They target the population from where the target comes from. It's like if they would be saying : "This is where this view comes from! If one person is talking, there might also be other ones!" They often use professionnal sports when they are organizing political operations. Moreover, they twist reality, because I do not smoke marijuana. All this takes part in their denigrator's approach towards me in order to make me look like what I am not.

● One thing that they often are doing when they come up with a crypted message is to subdivise what I say and the caracteristics representing me into various characters. They have done this again with this mass killing (and with the various characters that they create for all the mass killings if you take them as a whole) with a policeman who got shot and who is presented as a good catholic. He is 44 years old, the same age than I am (at the moment that the killing occured.) Shortly before this event, they had psychologically prepared me as being a guy in his fifties, which is the type of thing that they often do. They often give me about 10 years more than I have, or they present me as a young adult. They always twist everything like this. When I was 35, for them I was more than 40, now that I am in my forties, I have gone over 50. What they are doing here is that they are giving my accurate age to the one that they consider being the "perfect" guy. Fox news have presented him as a pastor, devoted to his job, to his family and to his catholic faith. So this guy is the good guy and I am the evil one who, according to them, cannot carry conservative views. The accurate age is given to the one who represent the stereotype of the "perfect" guy, and, in their script, they give me the age of the eccentric guy who plays a role in the story they have made up.


San Bernardino Shooting

This killing occured on december 2015 at San Bernardino in California during a christmas party.

What I think they did here is that they have acted strategically towards what I had previously said on this page about the killings. They have taken an idea that I intended to place in my list on the page Texts and Ideas. I finally did not put this view in the list, thinking that I might eventually come back with it. I wanted to write something like "Interdiction for employers to organise office parties". I hate this type of happenings and I consider that employers should not organize any. If people want to meat each other, they can do it at their own expense outside working hours, without pressurizing or harrass. I do not like what is going on during these events, and everything that surrounds them like the insipid chattering and gossiping that follows.

Those who are surveilling me know about these views that I have and often made reference to them. They saw that I had not talked about it in my list and staged a killing about it so that I can't say "Go look on this page, this is what I had written", like I have done for the previous killings.

However, in the coverage of this San Bernardino killing, they have mentionned the use of a toy car. I had mentionned this for the Dylann Roof killing, where I had said that when I was young I liked to play with a replica of the General Lee. They have intermingled this with the fact that I also had a remote-controlled car, which is something that I never have mentionned on my Web site. When they embroider a story for their staged events, they like to intermigle this type of anecdotes that they have collected through their surveillance system. This is something that they do very often.

After this mass killing, radio show hosts and chroniclers who are surveilling were making reference to my attitude towards partys, which is something they have done often since 2006. No matter what are their true actual behavior, they appropriate these caracteristics by mimicking them. A chronicler as just done it this morning (December 18, 2015). What they do often is to impersonate the target and appropriate his characteristics, but, at the same time, they twist his views in order to maintain the status quo. From beind, using gang stalking, they try to force the target into doing the opposite of what they appropriate by imitation. They also demonize the person who really has the behavior that they strategically appropriate, like they have done here by staging this killing.

The real religious right wing and Islam are often attacked this way by the "elites". They try to make them look like insane and dangerous, like they have done with the two last killings that I have talked about (this one and the one before) which actually is diffamation. These people do not like someone who goes to work and then goes back to his place in tranquility without psychologically integrating what comes from the social athmosphere that is created by the authorities. Moreover, they will monitor this person at his place to try to find something that they can give an interpretation to and try to manipulate the person in order to bring him back on the "right" path of their ideology. They take people who have a natural tendancy to devotion and try to make them look like people who are not devoted to their job because they are not helping them to push their ideological agenda. They try to canalize this devotion towards another goal.

In my case, they also try to make me look like I'm someone who is unable to talk to others, even though I do not talk to all sorts of people by my own decision. I do not like the dominant "culture" that is being set up by the "elites" and the way that they are programming the public. I like silence and solitude, which is linked to my spirituality. (Something that they like doing when I write something like this is to insinuate that the text is actually a suicide letter.)

Something else that we can mention is that, according to the script that has been established for this killing, the "terrorists" also had the intention to target a cafeteria and a college library. I have criticized both of these places in the past, and they know it. In the case of the libraries, you can see for yourself that I have written about this a little bit in the section of my testimony about two female students in Cases of individuals who are after me. (In this case, it was at the university. In colleges, the situation his even worst and it is something that I had talked about in private.) They do this because they know that other people think like me and they prefer to make us look like raging and mad people instead of addressing the real problems in colleges. They know that someone who is being harrased with parties and fooling around in libraries and cafeterias could mentally feel like shooting these people. They know it because they are fully aware of the situation that they are creating socially and also because they are reading the minds of the population. Instead of intervening intelligently, they stage shootings.

Of course, at another level, this killing will also be useful for them to be used as the pretext to go on with their operations in the Middle East.

About the drills that are often linked to false flags operations, the medias also have reported them in the case of the San Bernardino shooting. Drills were occuring once a month at the Inland Regional Center, where the shooting occured. You can see it for yourself by reading this article :



The Brussels Attacks

Probably for the first time since 2006, I have not been clearly targeted by this largely mediatised event. Usually, everytime there is a huge story that they are talking about at a great scale, I'm always targeted.

Here, there are no clear elements where I can say "Go look on this page on my Web site, I have written this" or "I have said this in private". I think they change the strategy because I keep a record.


Mass Killings in 2016

Since the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016, I have not always been targeted as clearly through the highly mediatized mass killings. This change has started with the Brussels attacks. It is possible that they have changed their strategy because I publicly keep a record. However, the targeting as not stopped.

Jason Brian Dalton in Michigan

This series of shooting occured on February 20, 2016, in Kalamazoo County, Michigan.

This guy has two first names, the first one being Jason. Since the beginning of my targeting, the names "Jason" and "Brian" have sometimes been used in order to target me. The name "Jason" was selected because when I was young, in my early teens (about 14, 15 and 16 years old) I liked listening to the Friday the 13th horror movies. Since I am targeted, they sometimes liked making reference to me by using the serial killer Jason that is the main character in these movies. They would say I'm a serial killer and a social psychopath because I remain cold and reject some people (and sometimes get agressive). I want to keep them away from me or get rid of them. (I'm not like this with everybody, but with some people that I would say are the closest to the ideology that is being promoted by mainstream medias : extreme extroversion, women getting overexcited, people smiling to much or having artificial smiles, people who socialize to much and come after me even if I'm not interested, etc.) Their was a pop star that was targeting me and was wearing Jason's hockey mask on stage. On the Internet, on a Web site where they new I would go, they would put a link to a Friday the 13th prank to see if I would click on it and listen to the video. Then, when they see that I have clicked and looked at it , they have some of their agents on video channels saying that I have clicked on a stupid link and found the video amusing. (It's also the type of thing that radio show hosts do very often.) They know that I don't often click on this type of links, so they want to highlight the fact that I did it this time, as if they were saying "We can hook you!". Clicking on links is one of the things that they surveille a lot, not only for targetet individuals, but for everybody, even when they are not aware of it. When you get specifically targeted, they use this against you.

About the name Brian, it's because I had used this name on the Internet in the past before I got targeted and they know it. They were sometimes referring to me as "Brian" in the medias. I had chosen this name because I used to like Brian Wilson. I had made a drawing from a picture of him. I have talked about this on this page in the Paris attacks section and on the page of my testimony. I have since removed the drawing from my Web site (mainly because there was always something going on on the Internet about this, and sometimes in the medias, but also because it can be used in order to twist my views) but you can see it here (link) on the Internet Archive.

Finally, the last name, Dalton, makes reference to criminality (the Dalton Brothers in the Old West). When you're a targeted individual, they often refer to you as a criminal, or try to make you become a criminal and have you arrested and discredited.

Since I am targeted, there was also something going on about taxis, but it's kind of complicated to explain and I can't say "Go see on my Web site, this is what I had said". It is not as clear and I can't really explain it here.

There was also some controversies going on about Uber in Quebec (Canada) where I come from during the period of time when the shooting occured, and the killer was a Uber driver. There were various operations in the medias about this (link 1, link 2, link 3, link 4, link 5). This type of killings can be linked to all sorts of things. These Uber controversies are going on internationally and when they have these kinds of operations, they can target local people, especially those who are listed like I am.

One thing I have learned by being targeted is that the strikes and manifestations that we see in the medias are not real. They are controled in order to neutralize real contestation of various mesures that the "elites" are implementing. They can also use strikes and manifestations in order to target specific people, which is something that has happened to me since I am targeted.

See, they know that all these social changes that they want to make regarding technologies will affect people, modify their habits and have consequences on the protection of their privacy. They have to manage the public opinion about these changes, so they organize media operations. They create these organized controversies because they really want to change the taxi industry worldwide and gain total control. It's linked to globalism.

They target me with this because I'm conservative and I show some resistance towards these types of social changes. I complain about the surveillance I'm under and I have Web sites. They have this Uber app that can geolocalize people anywhere and they know that I don't like this type of thing, so they have this guy named Jason Brian Dalton going crazy saying that the Uber app has taken him over and that he saw a "devil head" on it. (link 1, link 2, link 3). That way, they can make the people who don't like these type of technologies look crazy. They want them discredited.


Cedric Ford in Kansas

This killing has occured in Newton and Hesston, Kansas, in the United States, on February 25, 2016.

There are elements targeting me here, but everything is twisted, inverted and subdivided between various characters.

The guy was heavily tatooed (which is something I don't like and I have claimed it on my Web sites) and was listening to a Drake song, Summer Sixteen (link), a pop artist who has been targeting me.

He was working as a painter on a manufacturing plant. He thought that everybody was out to get him and he lived alone in a mobile home (link). Targeted individuals like me legitimately think that everyone is out to get them. I also had telephone conversations about mobile homes. These conversations had also been reported at my working place by a strange guy that had been placed there.

Things that are refering to me and that are not twisted : he was awestruck by the beauty of wildlife, and he was "laid-back", quiet and a good listener (link). They like to appropriate such characteristics and attribute them to the bums and delinquants that they are using in order to target me.

The authorities had served him with a restraining order and he had to stay away from his former girlfriend. She had claimed he was abusing her (link). The authorities have in the past described me as a women beater, which I am not. They say this because I am not a feminist. I also can have aggressive thoughts, or even sometimes, but rarely, get verbaly aggressive towards certain types of women, like whores and bitches when I have them after me and I am not interested, but I am not a women beater. I am single and I am not going to get a women into my life and then beat her up. I just remain single. I have my spiritual beliefs and there are a lot of things that I don't like about how people are being raised socially, at all levels, so I prefer to stay alone.

They also say that the killer looked happy as he was shooting and that he almost had a smile on his face. Since I am targeted, they depict me as someone who would enjoy himself commiting a mass killing. They also describe my smiles as not being the huge smiles that they promote in their medias. I often have an expression on my face that is not really a smile, but that could evoque a smile ("almost" smiling).

Another element that is targeting me is the use of the name "Brian", like they did in the precedent mass killing. I wrote about it on this page (in the section about Jason Brian Dalton in Michigan, where I explain why they use the name "Brian"). Here, one of the victims' name was Brian Sadowski, 44 (link). I was also 44 at the time of the shooting. Another Brian was a guy named Brian Johnson, a co-worker who believed he was a target of the shooter (link).

So there are various elements here that are being used in order to target me and they have been dispersed between various characters. It helps them to camouflage everything so that I can't describe what they are doing as clearly, while at the same time these elements are still targeting me.


The Orlando Shooting

This shooting has occured on June 12, 2016. The shooter's name was Omar Mateen.

They do this to target people who are against gay marriage and disagree with the fact that the gay movement is being publicized at a great scale. They want to make them look dangerous and use it to promote their agenda. They want to label them as dangerous closet homosexuals when they oppose to the spreading of the gay culture.

These people are surveilling the population and look at raw sexuality (they look into people's homes), what we could call plain genitality, and then use it to promote "open minded" sexuality and the gay way of life. They have been doing this for years. It is a component of their counterculture from the sixties, with the infiltration of universities, the field of culture and the art world by gays and lesbians in order to attack the way of life and the normality of the general public and then make everybody compromise. They try to pressurize people to adhere to this culture by trying to incite and find something in people's life that they can use in order to blackmail and make them feel eternally guilty. They also make manipulative interpretation of what the people are actually doing. They attack religions that way, or any other spiritual beliefs that do not promote socially "open minded" sexuality at a great scale. They attack traditional values.

They have used psychiatrists, wich is something they often do, in order to promote and protect the spreading of the gay culture. They have done this even in "altenative medias", as you can see in this video :


The same has been done on French radio, where I come from.

Nobody can express their disagreement with the promotion of same sex marriage and what they call the gay culture. Someone only thinking about this can be the pretext for them to stage such an event.

They cannot intellectually win something like this, because it is pure criminality and more and more people are aware of it. It is not the "criminality" of people defending themselves against them, it's pathological criminality. These people are predators. They are not really winning even if they are successful at unfolding their ideology. They are just ignoring facts, hiding their criminality, and targeting their opponents in order to make THEM look like criminals.

Here are links to videos made by people showing the nonsense that was, once again, this mass killing.



Like I have said at the beginning of this section, since the end of 2015 and the year 2016, they have not always clearly targeted me through mass killings, probably because I keep a record. However, they still are doing it, even though they distort and ommit to say what is going on. Here, they are making reference to me (even though it's twisted) by saying that the shooter was an unhinged and unstable person, bipolar, that he was loosing his temper for no reason, kicking walls, slaping desks, throwing chairs, and that he hated blacks, women, hispanics and gays (link). Everytime someone criticizes their minorities ideology, which I do on my Web sites, they say he's a hater. I have talked about blacks, women, hispanics and gays that I have after me since I'm targeted, both on my English and French Web sites.

The aggressivity that they are talking about is making reference to various sporadic episodes all throughout my life (and also since I am targeted) that were not all reported on my Web sites, but they ommit to say what was really going on. They do this because they know that aggressivity is a way to counter them, so they want to neutralize it. They describe the killer that way because they want to spread the idea that it is always bad to be aggressive, so that we'll never socially get out of this situation.


Failed Attack at Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris

For this failed attack, I cannot give any evidence that I have been targeted, even if I was.

Here is what happened.

I had decided to classify the pictures of my last trip to Paris on my computer. I had a file of pictures of the Notre-Dame Cathedral that I had mistakenly named Notre-Dame Basilica because where I come from we have a well known religious building that is called that way : the Notre-Dame Basilica. I just gave the wrong name to the file, by reflex. When I realized that I had made the mistake, I felt uncomfortable about it because I know that they are looking at me all the time and that they like to use this type of detail in their psychological warfare against me. So I had this going on in my mind, thinking about the mistake. I was saying to myself things like "Why have I called it a basilica, isn't it a cathedral?" "They look at me, they are going to use it against me!" "I have studied art history, I'm not supposed to make such stupid mistakes, there gonna use it for sure!" (Because they do use it) "Don't look in the dictionnary, just call it Notre-Dame de Paris, like they often do." So I just called the file Notre-Dame de Paris, even though I was almost 100% sure that it was a cathedral, which is well known. I just didn't want to make the verification in front of them. Even though I'm alone in my appartment and my computer is not connected to the Internet, I'm always conscient of being observed. I know they are always looking at me and that they love to use such details.

Shortly after this incident occured, the failed attack at Notre-Dame happened and local journalists were targeting me in their articles, showing in the way that they were talking about the cathedral that they were aware of my mistake. I will not show articles here, because they are in French. I will show them on the French side of the Web site.

The terrorists, who where women, where also sometimes depicted as amateurs. I have seen this on French medias. They had a car containing canisters of gas and they couldn't lit the fire using a cigarette. They saw a guy coming and just left the car there, near the cathedral, because they thought he was a policeman in plain-clothes even though he was not.

Depicting me as an amateur is something that they like to do, because they parrot. In the About section of my Web site, I used to describe myself an an amateur artist, meaning that I am not selling my work. I have then removed that word because they where parroting it. Saying something like "Oh, your just an amateur!" because I have made a mistake on my computer file about the cathedral is the type of thing that they like doing to targets who say the truth about them. They attack their writings and everything they are doing. They also have depicted me in the past as a terrorist, so they probably want to insinuate here that I am an amateur "terrorist". For these people, when you don't agree with their doctrine, you're a terrorist.

I think that the most important thing here is the mental process about the mistake, because they read minds. If I wouldn't have had all these thoughts about the mistake, they probably wouldn't have organized this "attack".

This exemple demonstrates to what extent they can go when they target people like this.


The Ohio State University Stabbing

This one has occured on November 28, 2016. The name of the attacker was Abdul Razak Ali Artan.

The only thing I can say about it is that, at the time the attack occured, I had been contacted by someone from Ohio claiming to be a targeted individual. I have exchanged e-mails with that person who asked me questions, who was from a Muslim family and who had lived for a while in the Middle-East.

I wouldn't be suprised that they would stage such an event only because I was in contact with that person, but otherwise, I cannot know. Considering the way I am being targeted, I just find it suspicious.


Other Shootings where I was Targeted but that I have not Described here in Details

- Kimveer Gill in Montreal (2006)

- Anders Bering Brievik in Oslo and Utøya (2011)

- Luka Rocco Magnotta in Montreal (2012)

- The Boston Bombing (2013)

- Elliot Rodger in Santa Barbara (2014)

- Charlie Hebdo in Paris (2015)


Why am I Targeted by Mass Killings?

Shortly before I started to be openly targeted, I had aggressive thoughts going through my mind. These thoughts were about the political and social system and about people. I also thought about buying a gun, which I would have the right to do. However, those were only thoughts and imagination. Nothing was actually done concretely.

Before realizing I had been put under surveillance, I had made aggressive comments in my appartment. I also have done this after I realized I was targeted, because the situation was making me upset.

When I called on the radio, I probably looked like someone who wanted to go after the "progressive" forces, but the autorities could not really know without putting me under surveillance and hack my computer.

When I was young, I owned hunting firearms, and this had created a fuss in my family, on the side of women. All that happended is that one of my uncles had given me these guns. This story is probably known by the authorities. The medias have talked about the influence of my uncle on my behavior, maybe because they also have put my family under surveillance, because some women in the family have made this comparison, even though it's exagerated. I am different than my uncle. I'm more conservative, more cerebral, and the religious and the spiritual have more importance for me. They like doing comparisons, because it helps them to crush people psychologically and silence them. "This is why you behave like this!", and it's not because they attack common male characteristics, with their various manifestations, in order to control. They don't want the person to talk louder in order to defend himself. They do it in their medias to intimidate, but they want to silence the target.

Even if I think that the "alternative" medias also are controled, I think that they often say things that are real, but you have to be wary because they also manipulate. Anyway, they often repeat, if not always, what unknown whistleblowers and targets say in order to manage and neutralize them. Moreover, like I have said on this page, they can also strategically ajust their rethoric according to what political targets are saying in or order to try to confuse them and also confuse the general public. They operate using various individuals and by varying the rethoric depending of their needs and the feedback that they get about their actions.

But you have to understand me : I'm not claiming that each and everyone of these killings are created in order to specifically target me. These type of operations have various levels, one of them consisting in managing political targets. Consequently, they send signals to these targets during the mass killings which have been created as a pretext to go ahead with the political actions they want to undertake. These attacks are also being used to make the population accept the surveillance measures that are being instaured in order to control them as the "elites" are setting up their ideology. However, before September 11, 2001 and the installation of cameras that followed, the type of surveillance that is addressed on my Web site was already in place. Testimonies exist about this.

Anyway, what I think is that they target me like this, and by all means, in order to neutralize my political, social, and artistic views. They want to intimidate me and silence me. I also think that it's possible that these people are using theories that originate from Aristotle and Freud and that they might try to use a modern form of a cathartic method on targets and on the general public. They do it through staged events, hence the imitation of the behaviors and thoughts of the targets by media figures in a dymanic similar to what was being done in Ancient Greek theatre. The news that we see in the medias are often like theatre and movies.

I will probably develop more on what I assert on this page.


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