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This Web site as been created in order to report online the surveillance I have been under since about 2005-2006. I gradually started to realize the magnitude of this system after having called on a radio show and having sent letters to journalists. I commented on politics.

You will find on this Web site a description of various incidents that occurred after having contacted the medias. This may seem unlikely for those who are not familiar with this type of surveillance.

It is a constant surveillance, 24 hours a day, which characterizes as follows :

● Physical surveillance everywhere I am, even in my apartment. There is nowhere I can go without being under surveillance, and there is no exception. Even my least doings are being scrutinized in details, as all my verbal or written communications.

● Mental surveillance, that is to say remotely analyzing my thoughts and my psyche. My metabolism is also being analyzed.

● Imitation of my behaviors, my character, my personality and my views (even when they are not expressed publicly) by public figures involved in all areas (politics, arts, medias, science, sports, etc.) and of different political convictions, from the extreme left to the extreme right of the political spectrum. These public figures are also quoting my thoughts. This imitation is usually occurring in a context corresponding to a different point of view than mine. These people politically appropriate my ideas and my personnal characteristics. Very notorious individuals are participating in this system, such has less notorious people. It is done locally and internationally. Journalists, radio show hosts and television hosts are using those tactics both in mass media (public and private) and in the so-called alternative or underground medias, whether on the radio, television, newspapers and magazines or on the Internet. No type of media makes an exception. This imitation is also performed by protest groups and demonstrators addressing the medias, callers on radio shows, bloggers, and by authors of open letters in newspapers, most of the time in a different ideological context than mine. Also, indirectly and without any good reasons, the media coverage of mass killings on an international basis is often referring to me. Finally, this imitation not only occurs in the medias. It's also performed by civilians who are placed around me.

● My ideas and my writings are being stolen on my computer. In addition, they can also know about what I write by hand on a sheet of paper. They're also looking at my artwork and using it as an inspiration for local and international artists. As an example, some of my drawings and paintings have been used to create album covers. I also play guitar and they have used some of my playing to create songs. I am not a singer, but my voice ended up in a pop song, whether it was copied or directly registered.

Those who are targeted like I am are commonly referred to as targeted individuals. It's also being said that these people are the subject of gang stalking, that is to say that organized groups of individuals are tracking them everywhere they go, adopting all kinds of behaviors around them, commenting about the target's privacy and using all sorts of tactics in order to harass.

You will find on this Web site a description of different situations I have experienced relating to the surveillance I am under. You will also find various documents related to this phenomenon. Evidence showing that this type of monitoring could be technologically feasible is also provided.

You can also find various informations by searching the Web using the following terms : targeted individuals, gang stalking, organized stalking, satellite surveillance, MK-ULTRA, COINTELPRO, Operation Mockingbird, electromagnetic torture and microwave harassment.

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