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This page of my Web site is dedicated to my testimony. As I am writing the various sections of the text, I still am under surveillance. If I do not protect myself in a room covered up with aluminum foil, the people who are looking at me know what I am writing as it is being written, even when it's written by hand. When a section of the text is placed online, the medias usually react to it. Everything I have written has not been put online, and if I write something without the aluminum foil protection, it is sometimes quoted by the medias shortly after it was written.

My testimony is divided in sections that you can consult using the links below. Therefore, you can read the text in its integrality or simply get to the sections you are interested in.

Table of content :

Main situation

How I work under surveillance

Protection using aluminum foil

Gang Stalking

The use of family members

Jealousy, craziness and lies

Robbery preceded by a warning from the medias

Fake targeted individuals

        -Description of what the fakes are doing when they target me

        -An example of a fake who has contacted me

        -Coordination between agents

        -An agent and an Internet operation about targeted individuals

                - Evidence that this video channel is fake and that a gang stalking network runs it

"Alternative" medias


Imitation in the medias and mind reading

Attempt to prove that I am under mental surveillance (mind reading)

Media Operation About Surveillance

My artwork and my intellectual work being stolen

Popular music : songs in recent years that actually are referring to gang stalking and surveillance


Conversation with someone who seems to be a freemason


Cases of individuals who are after me

Since my Web site is online

About the people writing to me and linking to me

Advice for Targeted Individuals

My current situation

Main situation

At the end of the year 2005, I called on a radio show and I commented about political issues. Subsequently, during 2006, I also sent letters to journalists. The topics I discussed were generally related to conservatism and what was called in Quebec the debate between the lucides and the solidaires.

After having talked on a radio show and having sent letters to journalists, the medias were pressuring me through their radio show hosts to make me contact them again, what I have finally done in October 2006. This last letter was the cause of events that were reported in the news. Political decisions have been taken, a lot of comments were made and great debates ensued.

It's after this last letter that the medias started targeting me virulently and relentlessly, without ever mentioning my name. It was always done indirectly. Many journalists were aggressive towards me and carried all kinds of accusations and falsehoods.

Eventually, I also gradually became aware that something wrong was going on, and I finally realized that I was constantly under surveillance, 24h a day, 7 days a week, everywhere: in the street, at work, were I was studying and even in my apartment. I also realized that in addition to be well informed about everything I do, those who are surveilling me are also able to read my mind.

This is a particular situation and many will be skeptical, but it is nonetheless a reality. I have learned only in 2011 how this system works. If you don't know about this, you can read the other sections of this Web site, use the links to other Web sites, or search the Internet.

Being targeted since 2005-2006, I know that a lot of what is being reported by other targeted individuals is a reality. What I'm talking about is personalized and individualized targeting. Basically, the entire population is targeted by the medias and the government, but if someone says something that is disturbing, the targeting becomes more personalized.

Everybody has implications in that system: the government, the medias, the police, working places, universities, hospitals, families, etc. Everything I say and everything I do is registered, everything I read, everything I buy and everything I eat is under surveillance, most of the time accompanied by comments in the medias.

Since 2006, most of the major public affairs story happening where I come from, and even sometimes internationally, are inspired by informations cumulated by spying at me. The majority of the informations used does not come from what I have said on talk radio or what I have written in letters, but from what I have said in private conversations, from hacking my computer and from mental surveillance.

According to an article written by Nicolas Desurmont, the police and the government work together with the medias to practice such tactics. Mr Desurmont does not write about mind reading technologies, yet he deals with the issues of imitation and elements from the targets privacy being conveyed in the medias. This article is in French. Here's an excerpt from his article:

(From Desurmont, Nicolas, " Vers une problématique du harcèlement criminel en réseau ", in Revue internationale de criminologie et de police technique et scientifique (Neufchatel, 2006, 3, LIX, p. 353.)

Basically, what Desurmont says in this exerpt is that what is going on in the medias is done out of spying at the target's daily activities. Hints are then given to him about his activities and his identity in the medias and in news bulletins. The informations are selected out of everything that is collected and a crypted message is then created and conveyed through the medias.

The description from Desurmont matches exactly with what is happening to me since 2006. I have reported this situation to the police, of course without any results, since as Desurmont also explains in his article, the police takes part in the operation.

Another aspect of the situation is that there were sometimes people who were placed around me everywhere I went. These people would quote my personal conversations and copy my personal habits and tastes. Sometimes, some of these people looked like family members or people I knew in the past. On other times, they looked like me by certain physical characteristics or by imitating my habits and clothing. Family members also had strange behaviors towards me when I had phone conversations with them. One of them was constantly imitating what had just happened to me, even though I had not talked about it yet with them.


How I work under surveillance

Since I am always under surveillance, I cannot work the way I used to before I got targeted. I cannot work at the computer the way I normally would have. I also cannot write something by hand without taking the chance of being stolen.

What I have decided to do is to put part of what I do on my Web site and to try to hide the rest of it. Most of what I have written is not on my Web site.

In order to try to hide myself, I have covered the walls, the ceiling, the floor, and the door of a room in my appartment with three layers of aluminum foil, not really knowing if it really is effective. Everything is covered up, even the plugs and the ceiling light fixture.

This room is also the place where I read, because they always spy at what I read and talk about it in the newspapers. They try to guess and neutralize in advance what I am going to say or write about. They know about all the books I buy and they talk about it.

Reasearching in libraries is problematical. When I make photocopies, they tell me on the radio that the photocopier registers everything. They have a copy of each and every pages I photocopy. I personally think that they can access the photocopier by satellite.

The text that I have on my Web site is just a rough copy. I write everything by hand in my aluminum foil room, and then I go at he computer outside of this room and I type the text that I put online as soon as possible. (I have a cheap portable computer, but I had technical problems using it, so I went back to writing by hand. I now use it only to read pdf documents.) The text will eventually be reworked. I don't really have the luxury of letting a text rest as I should do, and then look at it many times before I put it online. Even though I have an aluminum foil room, I'm never 100% sure that they don't know what I am doing. It seems to work, but I don't know for sure.

So this is the way I work and this is why I sometimes make slight modifications to the text, for instance when I translate from one language to another. I also am aware that it could be better written, that the sentence structure could be better, and that there are spelling and grammatical mistakes. I do not use any grammar checking software but the one that is integrated in the word-processing software I use. However, it's only working in french. I probably will eventually use software for a final version if I make a whole document out of this. For now, I revise myself on my own when I have time to do it. I also work in two languages, so it takes more time.

I don't feel guilty of not putting a perfect text online only because they go after me with this, which is something they do. I also do not revise myself as I normally should because I do not want to listen to them. It's like their giving me illegitimate orders, so I don't listen. I will correct it when I want to, and I will go on thinking I have the credibility to criticize their system, even if their goal is to demolish my credibility. I am not working for those who are surveilling me and I know that I am capable of doing better than this, even whitout software, because I have done it in the past (especially in french, because english is not my language).

(Added on the Web site on May 31, 2015, with a modification on December 22, 2016, and July 14, 2017)


Protection using aluminum foil

In order to protect myself from their surveillance, I have covered up the walls, the ceiling and the floor of a room in my appartement with aluminum foil. No openings should be left. I have covered up everything, even the plugs and the ceiling light fixture. A carpet can be put on the floor to prevent the aluminum foil from tearing up.

I personally use three layers of aluminum foil. I don't know if one or two layers would work as well, because I haven't tried it. I used three layers because that's what some people were saying on the Internet, and I wanted to make sure that I am protected.

I have used this room for 3 or 4 years. According to the feedback I get from those who are surveilling me, I would say it's working at more than 95%, most of the time even close to 100%, but not always 100%. They almost never give me indications about what I am doing in there when everything is well closed. However, if I leave the door open, they give me indications showing that they know what I am doing.

At the begining, I was ligthing the room with candles because I didn't want anything connected to the wall plug. Then, I eventually tried using a lamp, and it is working as well. The connection is covered up with aluminum foil, because I don't want to leave any openings. I haven't tried the LED bulbs, I always use the old conventionnal light bulbs.

The fireworkers have told me that the use of such protection is not dangerous, as long as the electric fixture doesn't become warm.

Since I am aware that I do not have 100% protection, I am not sure if they will eventually use against me the content that they still can get from the surveillance. For now, I feel protected because they don't give me a lot of feedback, but there still is a possibility that they are storing up the content that they still seem to be getting in order to use it later if needed. If there would be any changes about my level of protection in this aluminum foil room, I would say it on my Web site.

Note :

Some people on the Internet are targeting my Web site. For instance, they start by saying that one layer of aluminum foil is enough only because I say that I have not tried it. Then they change and they say that it takes 7 or 8 layers of aluminum foil and that you're lucky if you get 80% protection, only because I say that I get more than 95%. They're just agents going after real targets. People who know about Faraday cages say that 2 or 3 layers are enough, that's why I did this.

These agents work in networks and her video was published in coordination with the previous agent who associates the black color to stalkers. In french, gang stalking is called "harcèlement en réseau", which litterally means network harassment, so it's just a network of people monitoring me all the time and uploading videos online in order to discredit me. They always want to look like they're better than the real targets and probably are paid to do the job without being under the psychological warfare that the real targets are being put through. These agents emerge over the years, their characteristics depending on the targets that they have to neutrilize, and they try to take control of the targeted individuals Web sites and video channels. It's just the old trick of controlled opposition. The same is being done with political parties.

As I have said, I have a very high level of protection since I use this aluminum foil room, and if there would be any changes about this, I would say it on my Web site.

(Added on the Web site on July 14, 2017. Part of this text was online on my French Web site since August 1, 2016)


Gang Stalking

In this section, I will describe the nature of the gang stalking that took place since I'm targeted.

● Those who take part in the stalking : media representatives, politicians, the police, academics, labor union officials, co-workers, civilians, family members and doctors.

● What is being done :

-Constant spying, everywhere, without any exception. I have no privacy.

-People around me talking about what I say in private. This happened with strangers, co-workers, academics, students and family members.

-Mind reading.

-Imitation in the medias.

-Attempts to trap me on the labor market.

● One case of a stalker :

The guy had a typical criminal face, like some of the faces that we see when targeted individuals post online the pictures of their stalkers. The guy had a name I had taken as a pseudonym on the Internet. They had tried to make me feel guilty about this in the medias and make me look like if I was a criminal.

The guy was hired where I was working and he had a turbulent and provocative behavior. Sometimes, he would give indications that he knew about my privacy.

He also seemed to have a preoccupation about my bike. There was always something going on around bicycles. He came to me and said " I have fixed something on your bicycle ". I had never asked him to. Once, I had a problem with a wheel, so I took the wheel to the bicycle shop where I usually go. On my way there, I crossed him on the street. On another occasion, I got out of my appartment and he was in the street on his bike, looking at me.

One day, at work, he arrived on a new bike that was a bit eccentric. It's like if he wanted to compete about who had the nicest and more particular bike. Mine is very ordinary. On one occasion, during breaktime, I was sitting at my usual place, near the windows. I could see outside in the parking lot. He arrived on his new bike and took a lane that led near the place where I was sitting, inside. Then, following him, came a police car taking the same path that he had taken. When the police car got closer to me, it was like if the policeman was laughing. (There were other incidents in the streets where the police would look at me and laugh.)

This stalker eventually became part of the management team where I was working. On one occasion, we received orders to wear uniforms instead of wearing our own clothes. At the beginning, there was resistance, nobody was wearing the uniforms, even the managers. One of them dressed like I previously was. We were told again and the company eventually gave us a complete uniform, so I was wearing it, but the managers were not respecting the rules. The stalker described above came to work wearing clothes similar to those I was wearing at home. This occured at the same time that I had been taking new clothing habits because the temperature had changed. To them, it was just another opportunity to indicate to me that I was still being looked at in my appartment.

This type of stalking described in this section has occured in 4 different working places, in universities, and in other places where I go, always with behavior imitations, conversations around me about my private life and with a few turbulent persons targeting me more than others, all this accompanied by comments in the medias.


The use of family members

Since the beginning of this story, my family members have made strange comments during my phone conversations with them. Every time I would call them, they would tell me that what had just happened to me also happened to a family member. It has happened many times and always with the same family member. In addition, my conversations with my family often have been the object of comments and imitation in the medias.

Until recently, every time something would happen to me, the same thing happened to this particular family member. It's has if those who are surveilling me chose a significant person with whom I had a good relationship in order to engage in a mind game with me.

Here are some examples of those "coincidences":

● I call a family member and I tell that person I am under surveillance 24h a day, 7 days a week. In a subsequent phone call, I learn that another member of my family, the one in particular, was approached by someone who told her about the Illuminatis, a secret society. That person claims to be under surveillance and those who are surveilling him will decide where he will work.

● As I started being under surveillance, strange people, sometimes public figures, would appear in places I used to go. I mentally gave a name to one of them. During the same period of time, this name has been carried out by the medias and was also given to the dog of this particular family member. I never told my family about that name before they told me about it.

● In the medias, someone looking like this family member his being seen in a context reminding something I had done recently. That person in the medias was wearing the same first name as this family member. For instance, I was doing a research by comparing images. Thereafter, the medias referred to this particular family member through a person about the same age, wearing the same hair length and color. This person on television had made a discovery by comparing images in a field I have an interest for. That interest is known to those who are watching me and is sometimes mentioned by them. I own a copy of the news report.

● I listen to the music of a group I had been listening to has a teenager. One of the members of that group wears different particular hair colors. Some pop singers who are surveilling me and targeting me since the beginning of that story, and who are spying at the music I listen to, use to wear those particular hair colors, one of them even making reference to that band through the aesthetics of the videos (which is something I previously had thoughts about in my mind). Thereafter, I learn that my family member wears the same hair color than one of those singers.

● I receive emails about an organized trip in an American city and at the same time, I learn that this family member will go on an organized trip in that same city. (Not long after I had written those lines as a rough copy for my Web site, terrorists attacks have been reported in that city.)

● I was robbed at home (which is often reported by targeted individuals). I was expecting the robbery because it had been announced to me indirectly by the medias. I contacted the police after the robbery. A few days later, I learned that a family member, always the same, had been robbed and also had contacted the police. I had never mentioned this robbery to my family before they told me about it.

● This same member of my family participates to a music contest and I learn indirectly through the medias the results of the contest.

Up to about 2013-2014, the same type of "coincidences" were occurring, always with the same family member. I do not have any contacts with my family anymore.


Jealousy, craziness and lies

Every time I have openly expressed my anger about this situation, it has been said that I was jealous. I get spied at and stolen and if I get upset about this situation, it's because I'm jealous. These comments are part of there psychological warfare. They want me to feel guilty about something.

They also use mental illnesses to discredit me, mainly paranoia. Targeted individuals know well about this tactic. I'm absolutely not paranoid. I know this type of surveillance really exists. With the experience I have lived, it is to me a certitude. This reality is hidden from the population by the authorities.

Every time the medias report about mental illnesses, we should be wary. They indirectly use illnesses, for instance paranoia and schizophrenia, to discredit targets. They also often refer to autism. I have heard a doctor in the medias who was adjusting the definition of a disease to my personality and character. The disease was described in a way I had never heard before. The use of mental illnesses enables them to destroy personalities and assign labels that stick to the target.

I also witnessed a desire to modify the manual used by psychiatrists to diagnose diseases, the DSM, based on informations collected by spying at me. I know that this manual, often criticized, is written for political purposes. I have seen this firsthand. These people scrutinize everything and also use mental surveillance. An anodyne behavior such as looking at yourself in a mirror when you're alone can cause all sorts of comments in the medias about pseudo-diseases, psychological states or personality disorders.

Since this whole affair began, I also was often treated as a liar without ever mentioning what is the lie, while I am in front of total liars and hypocrites.


Robbery preceded by a warning from the medias

At the beginning of January 2013, a robbery occurred in my apartment. I was not surprised by the theft, because it had been indirectly announced by the medias. This warning had been given to me by radio show hosts and through a caricature in the newspapers. Since the beginning of this story, the medias often have warned me through intermediaries. One of the individuals who has often targeted and imitated me was the object of a caricature in the context of a theft. The caricature was also making reference to renovations in the building where I live. During the same period of time, I was receiving spam referring to those renovations and to security and thefts. The spam was being sent by people who were not supposed to know about those renovations in the building.

The warnings had been given to me a few months before the robbery took place and I knew that something would happen.

The characteristics of the theft were similar to what I had read about targeted individuals: no damage done at the door and lock and the presence of a janitor at the scene at about the same time as the robbery took place, which was reported by neighbors.

When I realized that I had been robbed, I called the police. I had previously been to the police station to tell them about the situation I'm reporting on this Web site. When the police arrived, I took the opportunity to tell them again about this situation. I told them that I thought the robbery was related to the monitoring I'm undergoing. These encounters with the police haven't given any results.

Shortly after the theft, I received a strange phone call from a family member and I learned that another relative had also been robbed at the same time than I was. This type of "coincidences" happens almost every time I talk to my family, always with the same family member (see the section The use of family members).


Fake targeted individuals

Since I found out about the gang stalking and targeted individuals phenomenon on the Internet, some cases appeared to me as being fake. I also have read testimonies of other targets who think like me. There would be individuals on the Internet who claim to be targeted in order to watch us, create confusion about our situation and try to control.

I have doubts about these supposed targeted individuals, because, once again, there are too many "coincidences" between what happens to me, what I write, what I think and what they claim is happening to them. Of course, targeted individuals are living similar situations, but the "coincidences" I'm referring to are too precise. For instance, they use examples I come up with in private to illustrate what is happening to me, they report events in the same order I did, they report something just after a similar event has happened to me, or they refer to something I have done lately. I have found people writing texts using my examples, my ideas and my vocabulary bout things I have not placed on this Web site or elsewhere.

I think that different types of individuals are created and given a mandate in order to create confusion and participate in a psychological warfare against targets. Some of them write texts, sometimes large documents or published books. Others build Web sites. There are some of them who make appearances in "alternative" medias, and whenever I hear them, there is something wrong about what they are saying. They target me in my privacy and they make comments similar to what can be heard in mainstream talk radio. What they say sometimes has a sexual connotation. I also have heard one lying about the year his book was published, to make it look like it was published before I started being targeted when it actually was published afterwards. It was not a mistake on his part. I also have seen a Web site about targeted individuals where a public figure who was targeting me is being presented as a hero.

I have been aware of that type of individuals in North America and in Europe. These people are agents who try to prevent true targets to write about what they really are experiencing. They like to talk at their place and make it look like they are copying the fake ones.

What the fakes also like doing when they have Web sites is to change the content of their own site according to what I have just added on mine, and also at the same time add content about things that they are not supposed to be aware of.

In my case, I work on my own and I am not supplied with personal informations about other targets. The only thing I know about them is what they are writing on their Web site or what they are saying in their videos.

Description of what the fakes are doing when they target me

Many "targeted individuals" who are in fact fake ones are targeting me since 2006. They have started doing this before I even knew about targeted individuals. I knew that I was constently being looked at and I also started thinking that they were using mind reading on me. However, I only got aware of targeted individuals Web sites in 2011. Books had been written in order to target me and imitate what I was thinking, Web sites also had been created, along with blogs, video channels, etc. These fakes were on the Internet along with the sites of real targets and other fakes that previously had been created in order to go after other targets. On the sites of the impostors, the targeting is ajusted to the personnal characteristics of the new targets, to what they are saying, to what they are thinking and to what they are doing.

Here is a list of things that I have seen these fakes doing since I'm targeted. It's been going on locally and internationally, in French as much as in English.

● They like saying that they're experts, specialists, Doctors, therapeutists, etc. They use it in order to decieve. They often make apparitions in "alternative" medias where they attack the targets and imitate them.

● Amongst those who have less notoriety, some of them contact me in order to try to set me up.

● They target me in my privacy.

● Some of them develop very detailed Web sites where they use what I do on line or off line. They add things I only had said in private. I also think that they are intentionally intermingling what they say with erroneous informations.

● Some of them try to influence the way I should build my Web site by indirectly giving me advice that I have sometimes picked up on. They also sometimes copy characteristics of my Web site, for instance the buttons. When I express openly what they are doing, they often change it. They're is one that is doing this and that stopped registering his site on the Web archive so that no verifications can be made.

● They constantly reajust their Web sites according to what I say on mine, to what I say in private, and to what is occuring in my life. Modifications are being made according to my behavior. They also look for what they consider being flaws in order to exploit them without any integrity.

● They develop a speech that makes them look authentic but that is designed in order to neutralize what I say (not only on gang stalking, but also about more general views), by imitating, by twisting, etc. They can also denounce what I say as if it was legitimous on their behalf. It's all done out of spying, not only out of what I say publicly.

● They try to make me feel inferior, or equal to someone who's in fact trying to gain the ascendancy over me by cheating.

● Some of them look like they're trying to make me contact them in order to try to gain ascendancy over me. For instance, they present themselves as therapists and targeted individuals in order to try to incite a real target to contact them, and then probably try to manipulate.

● In my case, they often target me by using minorities who claim to be targeted : black people, homosexuals, aborigines, etc. Some of these fake targeted individuals are credited for events that have been provoqued by my Web site, these events not even being real because they are staged. They also target me by using women. For instance, since I paint, a woman artist claims to be targeted. She claims that her ideas are being stolen, just as her academic work, while I was also targeted in universities. This woman was also in touch with a politican that was targeting me, as if she wants to incite me into contacting him, while he was also trying to get my attention all the time in the medias. He was even once in my surroundings. Moreover, this woman took inspiration from photographs I took while travelling. She used it for the background of one of her Web sites where she is indirectly targeting me. She was assigned to my case when I started being targeted.

● When they are artists, these fake targets are often from the contemporary art milieu or from heavy metal or hip hop music, because those who are surveilling me know that I consider these art forms as being a deception at the service of the dominant ideological system. I think like this even though I have listened to heavy metal music during the course of my life. I have not spent my life sheltered from it all, but it absolutely doesn't change my views about it. These types of artists who claim to be targeted are sometimes being put in evidence by the perps.

● Fake targeted individuals sometimes intermingle what they say with aliens, a word to which they give various interpretations, but that still is reminiscent of extraterrestrials, no matter what signification they give to the word.

● They unscrupulously lie and can accuse the target of lying.

● They copy, they say that they are imitated and that some people are parroting what they say, even though it's the real target that is living this situation.

● They make series of videos from what they have stolen from me by spying (my thoughts, my writings, what I say openly in private, etc.)

● They start writing and building Web sites before the target knows what is going on, which enables them to pretend that they are the real ones and then try to make the real target look like a fake.

● Since I have discovered gang stalking Web sites only in 2011, some of the fake targets started talking about this only in 2011, even though they were previously after me and copying me about other issues. Other fakes were after me around 2005-2007 on gang stalking Web sites and went on targeting me up to this day.

● They give erroneous dates or do not indicate any dates at all without recording their sites in the Internet Archive so that we cannot make any verifications. They want to give the impression that they're ahead of the target.

● They steal from the target and point him out has a loser or an incompetent, even though the real targets are often as competent, or more competent, than others.

● They try to drown the target within a flow of fake ones so that he becomes just one amongst the others. The fakes say that's what there being done before the target says anything about it, because they spy at him and know what he thinks.

● They place the fakes in evidence on their Web sites. They can also make various lists, one where they recommand fake targeted individuals, but also other lists where they place perps along with the target. The target is then always surrounded by fake ones.

● The fake targets are sometimes the same people that have made slight modifications to their names and have created new sites to go after new targets. By making a few inquieries, we can find out that, in certain cases, the same names, or similar names, are on old Web sites that are not online anymore. Some of them have sometimes published books on other topics before they aligned on a target and started writing about targeted individuals. They are of varying notoriety.

(This section was on a previous Web site since August 28, 2015, with an addition on June 5, 2016. It as been modified on April 5, 2017.)


An example of a fake who has contacted me

Shortly after I added the above section on my Web site in 2015, I have been contacted by someone claiming he is targeted. He told me that he is playing heavy metal music. A couple of months later, he contacted me again just after I had listened to his videos. It was not the first time that there was a coordination between his e-mails and what I just happened to be doing.

It's like if he had decided to implement everything I had just written in the section above :

● He says he plays heavy metal music.

●He talks about extraterrestrials (even though he changes the signification of these words after he saw my reaction, he was clearly talking about extraterrestrials when he contacted me).

● He links to fake targets (who are themselves targeting me) and was including me in his links (he since has removed the link).

● He says things that I only had said in private.

● He imitates me. For instance he was wearing a shirt that I recently was wearing because I didn't have, at that time, any other shirt to wear. The medias had previously been making reference to this shirt.

● He put an image on his Web site that had characteristics looking like one of my paintings and that he removed after one of our correspondance. He also put an image of a type of tea that I drink at my place (rooibos tea) and that nobody is supposed to know about. He since has removed the picture, but he still presents that tea as being good for targeted individuals, because this is what I was drinking. The problem is that he is not supposed to be aware of it. (He mentionned that tea in a period of time when I had stopped drinking it because I didn't have anymore and I forgot to buy some more. They often do something like this : you change your habits, they talk about it.)

● I found on the Internet someone wearing the same name and looking like him. This person was a therapist, which is also related to what I had mentionned in the section above about fake targets, and he was also participating to swimming competitions like I did when I was young. He also works in gyms, which is another thing that was used in the targeting of my person, and was making interventions in the medias. It's like they blend the characteristics of two persons together, the fake T.I. and that person with the same name on the Internet, who both have characteristics that can be used in order to target me. This fake T.I. was also giving a picture of himself (that he as since removed) where he looked like the one with the same name that I found on the Internet, but when he made videos, he looked different, like someone else. Since my first contacts with him I had the impression that he was not alone because the writing was not always the same. He also had placed a strange description of himself on another of his Web sites, a description that as a meaning to me with elements that previously had been used in order to target me. He had placed it in the "About us" section of his Web site (that he also as since removed), where it is clearly written "us" (which is also something that can make reference to something else that I had written in French, because he also is French speaking) even though he assures me that he is alone. It's like a psychological operation where they analyse everything I say and everything I do, on line and off line, and then develop a strategy in order to target me and play a mind game with me.

● He put me in his links (he as since removed the link) at the same time than a hispanic person. It's like if he did it on purpose because of what I had said on my Web site about hispanics being used to target me.

● He also uses the red color which is something that is well known to targeted individuals. He made videos on a red background (he has since removed the videos). He also says that one of the most common characteristics of targeted individuals is that they get red eyes, which is something that never happened to me. However, there are Web sites (that I had identified as fake) that are mentionning this symptom. Maybe it is real for some targets, but the one I am talking about here is fake. Personally, this red eye thing makes me think of marijuana users. The stalkers that I had in my surroundings where very often, if not always, the type of people who use marijuana. My views on the legalization of marijuana (I am against) are one of the reasons why I am targeted. Moreover, the current Prime Minister of my country, who has targeted me a lot and who wants to legalize it, as made public statements in coordination with changes in the content of this fake T.I. Web site.

● He constantly adds and removes content from is Web site, elements that are always targeting me, often in my privacy. He never dates anything nor registers his Web site in the Internet Archive.

Some people will say "It's all created artificially using technologies". I think that it is an easy way out for a perp and it is not what I think is going on. However, if this would actually all be created artificially (and again this is not the view that prevails for me), the situation remains a problem.

I still have a lot to say about this guy. Everything he is doing is so typical and similar to what I am being done since 2005-2006 by those who are surveilling me. This one is amongst the worst assholes I have seen since I am targeted. Everything he is saying and doing is related to my life and what I wrote on my Web site and, as usual, he manipulatively twists everything. Moreover, he told me by e-mail that I am the one imitating him. It clearly is an operation against me and he is not alone. Other ones have contacted me during the same period of time and others have appeared on the Internet. It started after I had placed on my Web site the description of these fakes who target me that you have seen just above. It is also related to what I had said in the section Text and ideas and to my video (how I made it, the fact that I don't make a lot of videos and that I don't upload them on a well known video sharing Web site).

Shortly before this individual contacted me, a colored women (mixed race) also sent me e-mails to show me her writings and rap poetry just after I had said on my Web site that I had problems with black people in the medias and that they always try to attract me towards rap and hip hop (I had said this in French, and again, it doesn't mean that I hate black people). The great majority of times where I have been contacted, it was done by many people during a short period of time, followed by periods of time where I don't recieve as much e-mails. It's as if they were coordinated together.

(This section was on a previous Web site since February 7, 2016. It has been modified on April 5, 2017. It was on a french Web site since January 3, 2016)


Coordination between agents

As you can see, my Web site is black. There was a period of time when I was also wearing black clothes, but not all the time. I still do it today and I also wear other colors.

This black has nothing to do with dark forces or with the men in black, like in the movie. The stalkers that I have in my surroundings were not wearing any particular colors, except sometimes red. Only a couple of people were wearing black clothes and it was imitation. The only black elements that I saw were helicopters.

Because I have used the black color for my Web site, a few people started saying that stalkers were wearing black. If it would happen that a lot of stalkers are wearing black, it's because they are targeting my Web site. It's operations to discredit real targets. When I finally found out about the gang stalking Web sites in 2011 (after having been openly targeted since 2005-2006), the color that people were talking about the most was red. They where saying that the stalkers where often wearing red clothes or driving red cars.

When they go after new targets, the agents follow everything they're doing, and what they say on the Internet is adjusted to these targets in order to discredit them.

Now, the ones who talk about this black thing just want to make me look like a fake.

There is one that I know he's fake because he's been targeting me since the beginning. You can see one of his videos here. The people you see in this video are not stalkers. The “stalkers” you see at the beginning of the video ar not real. It's staged. All the other people you see as the guy is walking and filming are just people normally walking by. You can even see at the end of the video people looking at him without any animosity and wondering why he's looking at them like this. There just passing by. They have absolutely no negative or aggressive behavior towards him. They just don't understand what is going on. In a certain way, they are the ones who are being stalked and filmed without there consent, with the video then being uploaded on the Internet.

There is also an incident at 14:05 where a guy walks by and ignores the fake T.I. He's not trying to hustle him. He's just looking down because he doesn't want to be filmed, and he goes his way without letting that strange guy who's filming and talking alone block the way. A lot of people do it when they go out and they see strange people on the sidewalk, especially if they are being filmed by a total stranger.

Also notice the red that he is using for the text. If you look at his other videos, you will also see that he, himself, is wearing a black shirt. In his case, maybe it's imitation, but a lot of of people are wearing black coats, black shirts and black pants or boots. Dark clothes are popular and they have a lot in stores.

The same day, February 9, 2017, another individual that I have identified as fake has published a video on her channel where she is wearing all white on a white background with academic prints. She is doing this in order to appropriate my views and preferences, because I have studied art history and that I was valorizing academic and traditional art more than modern or contemporary art. She just wants to look more perfect than I do on my Web site : all white with academic prints. On her video channel, she was also imitating the aluminum foil background that I used in a french video I had made (that you can see here, with the proof that it was in the Internet Archive since July 31, 2016, because I have changed my account). She then has changed to a white board. Interestingly, also look for her Web site and see how she is using the red color.

These agents work in networks and her video was published in coordination with the previous agent who associates the black color to stalkers. In french, gang stalking is called harcèlement en réseau, which litterally means network harassment, so it's just a network of people monitoring me all the time and uploading videos online in order to discredit me and look like better individuals. There extremely motivated in looking better than the real targets, and probably are paid to do the job without being under the psychological warfare that the real targets are being put through. They just appear like this over the years, their characteristics depending on the targets that they have to neutrilize, and they try to take control of the targeted individuals Web sites and video channels. It's just the old trick of controlled opposition. The same is being done with political parties.

This all white thing as been used on me many times. It's been used in the news (you can see an example here, it was done after an incident had occured to me in the same type of tunnel that you can see on the picture), for the artwork of CD's, and by fakes on Web sites about targeted individuals. Here is one here. As you can see on that page, the name “Brian”, or in this case "Bryan", is being used. I have said many times on the page about mass killings (just look for the name "Brian") that this name is often used in order to target me. There is also the use of an anagram, with the name Dear becoming, invertedly, Raed. That's because of some things I have said about the killers name in my report about a mass killing (Robert Lewis Dear). I had said something about the name "Dear" that I have then removed because I wasn't sure about it after having a conversation about this by e-mail. You can see the changes about that section in the Internet Archive. They love using such elements, when you think about something but then change your mind, even when it's anodyne.

That person who has this white Web site was also calling himself JD on a video channel, which you can see here. This same name as been used against me by a fake in Quebec. Again, these people are working in networks, and it's worldwide networks.

They use the color white like this just to look more perfect and better people in order to deceive, control, attack and drown real targets. However, they prove that the use of this color is not necessarily a sign of purity, goodness or kindness, since these people are lyers, deceivers and criminals. There is at least one other Web site like this that uses white in order to target me.

They come up with these Web sites and videos, first of all because I am targeted, but probably also because I go on and keep a record about the mass killings. They might also do it because I say that people like Alex Jones and Edward Snowden are fake and that the medias are not saying the truth, and also because I know about their targeting system.

They see this black that I am using as a weakness that they try to exploit. They just try to discredit me.

If I ever change the color of my Web sites, it will never be all white only because of what they are doing. At the time being, I have three Web sites, two blacks and one blue. I will probably always keep at least one black.

(This section was on www.targetedindividual.net since February 11, 2017. It has been added here on April 5, 2017.)


An agent and an Internet operation about targeted individuals

Around the end of November 2016, an operation about gang stalking was launched on the Internet. You can see the video channel here. You can also look for the Web site in the "about" section of the video channel.

Once in a while, they have these agents appearing. They monitor the real targets and they come up with concepts and strategies to try to shatter them.

I know this one is an agent because she is parroting various things I have said in private that she cannot know unless she is being supplied with informations about me. She works for the establishment's communication system at the level of "alternative" medias and video channels. They plant these agents amongst the real targets. She's not on her own on this. They like to present the agents as if they're alone like the real targets. (After I had written this, she was presented as being part of a group, you can see it here.)

She is also parroting certain things from my Web site. Her first video is a proof that she is parroting from my Web site and that she is going after people like me. At the beginning of the video (here), you can see that she is parroting what I say in the introduction of my testimony. I wrote "My testimony is divided into sections that you can consult using the links below. Therefore, you can read the text in its integrality or simply get to the sections you are interested in".

She also has an aluminum foil background, which is another thing that she is imitating, because I had made a video in french showing my aluminum foil room. You can see the video here, with the proof that it was in the Internet Archive since July 31, 2016, because I have changed my account. I haven't made a lot of videos, but every time I make one, the agents imitate and they always have a preoccupation for the background. With these agents, you always get in the same mimicking and parroting dynamic. I also have them after me in Quebec and in France.

All throughout her videos, she elaborates on all sorts of theories based on what has been gathered from the surveillance of my person by the authorities. They give her the information about some of the things I have said in private, like that judo thing that you can see here and other views that she twists and approriate, like "system inversion".

You can also see in this judo video that she is wearing a blue dress. They often use the blue color when they use women against me (see here, here, and here) because they know I like blue, so they appropriate. Sometimes, it's also done to try to hook the target. It's all part of the mind control. If you scroll down on this page, you can see for yourself that I have blue paintings. I also have a blue Web site here. Every time that they use agents, they always intermingle these types of elements that they are gathering from spying at the target's life.

(About these links to women wearing blue dresses, the second one is about when this public figure visited my country, and the third one is a link to a French article that mentions the song Gangnam Style because I had made comment about it on my French Web site when I talked about earworms. You can see it here if you want the proof. Even if you don't read French, just search for Gangnam Style and you'll find it. I did not mention this in English because I did not have the English article to go along with it.)

The agents who come after me are often making a lot of videos. They do it because I only have a couple of videos and they like to look like they're better than the targets. They like having multiple agents working in a network and going after single targets who do everything alone, because these people are cowards.

As you can see if you look at her videos and Web site, she is making a mainstream feminist issue out of gang stalking, just as mainstream media would do. It's their minority ideology. Selecting victims is very important for them. Real victims have a cause between their hands, so their characteristics have to fit the ideology of the counterculture that they are imposing to everybody, so this is why it has to be women, homosexuals, blacks, hispanics, etc. They don't want political opponents to make an advance socially.

No matter what the real numbers are about genders and gang stalking, she makes a feminist issue out of it. Moreover, she doesn't even have reliable statistics about it. All her sources are agents working for the establishment and they have an agenda. I also have seen universities publish fake feminist studies in order to target me, so I know that their numbers are not reliable. They make the study say what they want to hear and they arrange everything to fit their agenda. I know for a fact that universities are involved in this. I have seen them appropriate things that were happening to me and attribute them to women who claim they are being harrassed. The various disciplines in universities are being feminized. They always target and feminize the remaining disciplines where they consider that there are not enough women.

This agent started making videos in November 2016, just after I had left my job. Everytime I have more spare time, they have an agent like that who starts making a series of videos. It's as if they are thinking I'm going to make more videos because I have more spare time, even though it was not my intention. It's like if they precipitate themselves just in case I would make videos. They want to drown the targets and they try to discourage anything that they would do.

Other strange and notable elements about her :

● She claims to be from Transylvania. Of course, when you think about Transylvania, you think about vampires. It's done on purpose, because that's what she is : a vampire going after real targets. Agents always give hints like that.

● In her videos, she's not using the aluminum foil properly, she always leaves openings (see here). Everything has to be completely closed and she is aware of it, but she still leaves wide openings. She also uses the tinfoil hat (see here) to ridicule the targets and make everything caricatural. Tinfoil hats are leaving openings : all the rest of the body is left uncovered, including the face, so the waves can get through. Aluminum foil works when everything is closed. She's also not using her Faraday cage to sleep.

● She claims that neighbours can aim at her from accross the street with a laser beam, bipassing aluminum foil pannels and have the beem rebound on another panel to then hit her in the back. It's quite of a stunt. You can see the video here, especially at [02:38]. I personnally think that she is inventing symptoms. She is not being shot by a concentrated beam like she claims to be. It's fabricated proof. She's doing this to look like she's targeted more heavily than the real targets who come up with evidence. She also insist on calling herself "Dr." in order to look like she has credibility so that the people without knowledge will believe what she says and what she is doing with her wave detectors. She has graduated and she really holds a Ph.D., but she is using it in order to deceive. She's an agent working for the establishment.

● She says it's the Nazis who are doing this when it's in fact leftist social-democrats cultural marxists who want to make everything "cool" and "equal". Just look at their medias and what's going on in your surroundings, you're going to see who these people are. Each and every working places and institutions are being targeted to get women, blacks, hispanics, chinese, homosexuals and natives in there, along with the bums and tatooed cultural marxists. I personally am being pressurized to get in a sexual encounter with these people.

● She started saying it's homosexuals who are targeting people, as you can see here [at 11:25]. It's strategic. She wants to look like she's keeping a distance from the mainstream media ideology. What she is doing by making gang stalking a feminist movement is similar to what mainstream medias are doing about women and it's the equivalent of the gay movement. In fact, it's the same movement and ideology promoted by the "elites" who attack everything that is traditionnal. The true elite is being cornered.

● When I google her name, I also find another person with the same name, living in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, working at a Target store (see here, they have removed the Target logo, but you see a screen shot I have here). I have been targeted by this company in the past (which has been imitated by another fake), and of course the word "target" as a meaning for targeted individuals. I also have said on the mass killings page that the authorities have a preoccupation for the fact that I have been in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina when I was young. It sometimes has been used in my targeting. You can see what I had said here in the section about the Dylann Roof shooting in South Carolina. I think there are chances that this Target thing is not a coincidence, because every time they have agents after me like that, I often find these types of informations on the Internet.

● The people posting on her on her video channel often target me. They make reference to my views or various other things that I have done or thought about. They're fakes. The same thing is being done on talk radio : they have fake callers amongst the real ones. It's a common tactic that these people are using in the communication system. When the caller or the blogger says something that they don't like, they go after them.

● Various dates that she is using have a meaning to me. They choose dates that resonates into the target's mind. For instance, she says that she's been targeted since November 2011, which is the period of time where I found out about the gang stalking Web sites. She also talks about a target who claims to be targeted since 2006, which is when I started being heavily targeted. It started in 2005-2006, and intensified in 2006, this is why I often have said that it started in 2006 and it's been picked up by fakes. Many of them are saying that they've started being targeted during the same period of time.

● She quotes and links to people who are agents.

● Fakes give her credibility, like you can see here and here. This fake has been after me since I have a Web site. I personally question the statistics (on that page here) he's giving about women and homosexuals being targeted way more than straight men. I think that these statistics are fake and that there are less targeted women and gays than what he claims. Moreover, he also was telling us that he is fake by using the number of the beast 666, as you can see on that page here. Just look for 666. (I link to his old Web site in the Internet Archive about this, because he has changed it since I have said this on my Web site.)

When I work for text for my Web site on my computer, I'm always monitored and they always know what I am doing. When I started working on this section that you are reading right now, they knew what I was writing about, so the next day, under the next video this agent has made, other agents started posting and attacking me (look at the screen shots here: screen shot 1, screen shot 2, screen shot 3). They always use that recurrent "Brian" thing that I have talked about on the mass killings page (just search for "Brian" here) and on this page in the section called Coordination between agents. The last name of this guy (Kelly) is also related to job searches. Targeting me using my job searches is something they have started doing lately. The people answering him also are gang stalkers. In the case of that one (here), I allready knew she was a gang stalker. She's been after me along with a guy from Quebec. She's so typical of the people I got after me in the school system and in working places. I just mind my own business, not wanting a relationship with them (for obvious reasons), and they stare, harrass and gossip about me. They're the type of people who come up with that "hater" thing. They impose themselves without any respect, and then they harass if you're not interested in their way of life. She's a total hypocritical piece of garbage spying at people.

I also wrote about this agent in the section Coordination between agents, just above.

(This section was on www.targetedindividual.net since March 21, 2017. It was added here on April 5, 2017, with slight modifications on August 25, 2017.)


Evidence that this video channel is fake and that a gang stalking network runs it

After I have put the previous section online, some of the stalkers working for her network replied by posting on her video channel and using the same fake guy named Brian. It's a common practice for these people to address the target indirectly like that by using a fake. When they reply to Brian, they in fact are replying to me. They do the same in mainstream medias with fake public figures.

Look at this screen shot from her channel (this video here).

The first reply to the guy named Brian makes reference to what I have said in the section just above about the attacks on everything that is traditionnal and about leftist social-democrats (even if you don't fully agree with this, or if you don't like the way I said it, it's what I have said). He says "ignorant" which is often what they say when you attack their ideology, even when you're accurate. They started saying this indirectly through an attack against a fake prominent public figure (here) who's been parroting and targeting me since the medias started talking about him all the time. They parrot and twist everything in order to neutralize me. This example gives you an idea of the network of people that they use, from prominent public figures to obscure video channels agents. It's all part of the targeted individual and gang stalking dynamic.

The second reply makes reference to what I have said about the typical and recurrent "hater" accusations from these people.

I also had explained above why the fake guy is named Brian, and I had said that his last name, Kelly, was related to job searches. They give that name to this guy because it's related to other things they are doing to me. Here's a screen shot showing what I was talking about (here). This example shows you an aspect of the role of the labor market in the targeted individual and gang stalking dynamic. It's an agency that has published a fake job in order to try to set me up and get the gang stalking going on there. If the agency is not taking part in this, then it's just the people surveilling me who knew I had seen the job offer and that I had thoughts going on in my mind about it. As usual, they analyze and make reference to my thought process when they target me. However, I personally think that the agency is involved in this.

So this video channel is fake. Look at how she is faking the attack on her head at the begining of the video, at 0:00:20. She also parrots from the real targets, for instance like what she says at 0:44:17 of the same video. She is making reference to my situation. She is doing this all the time, often blending public and private informations, because she is being given private informations about me. All the rest is communication. Agents like her talk a certain way to try to look real and credible. Mainstream medias figures do the same thing. They say something a certain way even when they don't believe what they are saying. They just have to look like it's real. It's actoring and they are trained in order to do it.

She sounds like David Icke (who was working for mainstream medias before he became who he is now) without the reptilian and alien thing because there are people who don't believe in this. She evolves at a certain level of this type of desinformation networks, doing her job at the level of video channels. What she is doing is something similar to the fake "alternative" medias, but in a video channel format. This is why she gave an interview on a show affiliated to the David Icke network (here) where they like having people calling themselves "Dr." or "Professor". It's a tactic. She is an agent working for these types of medias and she wants to look scientific.

(This section was on www.targetedindividual.net since March 21, 2017. It was added here on April 5, 2017, with minor additions on July 22, 2017.)


"Alternative" medias

As I explain in the introduction of this Web site, I'm also targeted by the "alternative" medias. I don't really believe in the existence of alternative medias. I can't claim that none of them are real, but I know for sure that they are infiltrated. When I started being targeted in 2006, their was not one radio station that was not on my case, even the most marginal of them, like community radio and religious radio. They were all talking about me and my life, as they were violating my privacy.

I eventually found out that foreign "alternative" medias were also on my case. Still today, as I am writing this, they are after me. Their guests often make reference to me, repeat what I say, and produce material based on the spying of my person. As a target, it's obvious to me that these medias are under the influence of something similar to what was called Operation Mockingbird, a CIA program to influence the medias. I'm not the only one thinking like this. Search the Web about these medias and this operation and you'll find informations.

I was targeted even by very amateurish looking radio broadcasts available as podcasts. Those who are targeting people love the Internet, where they can spread all their disinformation and confuse the people. They have Web sites, they have amateur radio and more professional radio and tv.

One host who's regularly imitating me claims to be real since I wrote on this Web site that they are not real. These medias claim they are promoting awareness about the violation of privacy by the government as they are violating mine, regularly making reference to my conversations, my unpublished writings and pictures, and to what I buy or eat. Some are after me like psychopaths about what I eat and drink.

They like to claim that those who think like me are their listeners. When they monitor and imitate targets, they can say that what the target is saying has been heard on their show. Everything I say or write on or offline can be repeated by them and they can accuse other medias of doing so.



Since I started being targeted, I have been indirectly identified as a "whistleblower", a word that was not part of my vocabulary before I got into this situation.

There are also whistleblowers that are appearing and being heavily publicized by all types of medias. They provide informations that are already known to those who seek a variety of sources for information. There is one that as appeared since I have my Web site online. When I search the Internet about such individuals, I generally find elements that refer to me. When such operations are in progress, various items are placed on the Internet to target specific individuals, as the operation generally targets everybody. They want to intimidate specific targets, while at the same time conditioning the general public into believing only a small part of the truth.

When someone says that the whistleblower is not real, the "alternative" medias come up with another one who is presented as the real one, but who is no more real than the first one.

These types of individuals are taking part in an operation called a "limited hangout", where selected informations are being publicized at a great scale, hiding something worse. In this case, it's what I claim on this Web site and what others are claiming on the Internet that is being hidden.

Those who are surveilling me have indirectly led me to a source where I heard about the expression "limited hangout". I was redirected from a mainstream news blog in a manipulative way. From the beginning, I knew that the whistleblower in question was not real, but I had never heard about the expression "limited hangout" before. You can easily find informations about this type of operation on the Internet.

What I claim on this Web site as been going on for years. I personally think it could have been going on at least since the end of World War II, but maybe not in such a sophisticated way. Many people have gotten this information out in the public, especially since we have the Internet. I personally went to see the local and federal police about this, just has many other have done worlwide, with no results.


Imitation in the medias and mind reading

The imitation in the medias as been going on since I started being heavily targeted. All sorts of public figures imitate what I do and repeat what I say and sometimes even refer to my thoughts. They also copy my habits and my tastes for food and clothing. For instance, if I sleep in a certain way, placing certain objects at a specific place near my bed, a public personality will describe this as being his own habit. This is not just happening coincidentally, because it occurs repeatedly. It's being done locally and internationnally, by a large group of people, from the most notorious to the less notorious public figures. A lot of people are involved, but there are also the ones in particular with whom this is occuring on a regular basis, still today.

The same thing is also occuring about my thoughts. For instance, I think about a pop singer who's often imitating and targeting me. I think about that pop singer in a specific context, and a few days later, that same singer appears wearing a shirt illustrating the thoughts I was having, or eventually come up with a video illustrating other thoughts.

Another exemple is that I think about a specific word in a concentrated manner. The next day, or a few days later, a news reader or a radio show host that is always on my case starts using that same specific word. I'm talking about words that are not commonly used. The same thing also occurs if I write a word on a sheet of paper, or a whole text. Once, I had written by hand a text about the situation I am living, and the next day, they started using the vocabulary and the content of what I was expressing, but only to express an opposing view.

On other occasions, it can happen with my views about events reported in the news. For exemple, I get upset and ask myself a question about an individual who imitates me. I say to myself something like "Well then, if that's really what he thinks, why isn't he doing this instead?" The following days, the same radio show host that is always after me in a psychopathic manner will ask that same question. On other occasions, my whole view, that I have never written or expressed verbally, has been divided in two, and the same radio show host, along with the same individual who's targeting and imitating me, would each other carry out a part of my whole view looking as if they were one against each other. This occured during a huge operation that took place in my hometown and that was targeting me. It involved politicians, the medias, the police, academics, activists and protest movements.

Most of the time, when I openly talk about mind reading, lets say on the phone, it is followed a few days later by a disinformation campaign in the medias. Some reports are being aired about mind reading technologies, most of the time saying that scientifics are working on this, but that they have not yet reached a point where they can actually read minds the way I explain it here.


Attempt to prove that I am under mental surveillance (mind reading)

In this section, I will try to demonstrate that my thoughts are being read by those who surveille me. It's difficult to prove such a thing, because we can not show our thoughts to others.

First, here is an excerpt from the Alex Jones show that aired on October 31, 2016. I had listened to this show on my iPod during the week of October 31. Here is the excerpt I am talking about here :


Like you can see, this segment of the show [ second hour of the show ] starts with the Van Halen song Panama. Like I have written on my Web site, I have listened to rock and heavy metal music during the course of my life. I know this song and I have listened to it. During the week, I had developped an earworm about it so the song remaind in my mind.

At the end of the week, on Friday, November 4, I recieved spam in my mail box. Here is the e-mail (the e-mail address that you see at the upper right corner is the one I was using with my first Web site, you can see it here if you want to make verifications) :


Here is now the source of the e-mail page where we can find all the informations about the expeditor, including the IP number :


As you can see, this e-mail was recieved on November 4, 2016. The IP number of the expeditor is

I then look for this number on a IP number locator. Where is it from? The city of Panama, in Panama! Here is an image of the locator :


The sending of this spam from Panama is related to my mental activity.

Now, here is an article published the same day that I have recieved this e-mail :


(In English, there were also articles published during the week, around November 2 and 3 link , as I was having thoughts about these "earworms". All this is done internationally. When they target me like that, they start an international operation, but the french version that I had immediate access to was published on November 4 on the Web site of a french language newspaper here. The fact that there is a scientific study linked to this operation doesn't make it more serious because they publish fake studies in order to target people, which is something that I know by being targeted.)

This article is about what is being called an "earworm". We don't find the song Panama in the list, but a lot of the songs mentioned have been written in the context of the my targeting. Even if I do not like these pop stars (for instance Lady Gaga), I have had some of these songs in my mind as "earworms", since they were targeting me. In order to do this type of thing, they always use catchy songs since the goal is to hook and try to manipulate people by taking this music seriously, just as the political views that are being conveyed by these pop stars. (As you know, politicians often make public appearences with this type of stars.)

Lady Gaga just had a new album out on the market (October 21, 2016). They always try to get the attention of the targets when they have a record out and maybe it is why these articles on "earworms" mention many songs from that singer. Moreover, they also know that I had some of them as an "earworm".

They also mention amongst the tricks that they give to get rid of these "earworms" some of the things I was doing on my own. I was aware for a long time that they knew about what I was doing, because they told me indirectly. They always are very interested in this type of mental process.

These articles published in the newspapers, and the e-mail shown previously, give me something that is close to a proof, because I know that I had this "earworm" during the week. I was thinking about this and being conscient that those who are surveilling me could try to use it against me, since they read my mind. All this takes part in their psychological warfare. (Also remember this song called Gangnam Style that the medias were talking about all the time. The one who was singing that song was called Psy, and I do not think it was a coincidence. They give him that name because he is taking part in psychological operations. The study of the "earworm" seems to be directly linked to the mind reading of the civilians.) Articles often appear like this in order to target me about my thoughts. I was not surprised when I saw this article, because I had this earworm thing in my mind all week long because of the Van Halen song.

Of course, I can't proove that I had this "earworm" in my mind and all the other thoughts that were linked to it. What I am showing here is the closest I can get in order to give evidence that they are reading my mind.

All I can say is that with the Web sites that I have, there is a very high probability that I know about the Alex Jones show, so it is likely that I have listened to the October 31 show. Moreover, if I have listened to rock and heavy metal music during the course of my life, it is also likely that I know Panama and that I have listened to this song. Finally, it is also likely that if I have listened to this song in the past, this song will stick into my mind and become an "earworm" if I hear it somewhere, because what we do during the various periods of our life remains in the mind and can come back in our conscience when we hear about it, which is normal.

This way of doing things with music takes part in the dumbing down of the population. Of course, it is also an attempt to control minds. They follow me like this because I have listened to modern popular music during the course of my life, but I then went to the university because I got interested in ancient art and classicism. They always try to bring me back like this. They don't want me to detach from their thing and think that it is better for me to get interested in something else. They want me to feel guilty of having a song in my mind and then try to use that guilt in order to manipulate, which is not working.

Alex Jones plays this music in order to hook people and try to keep them at that psychological level while he is manipulating views and tries to confound those who are looking for other sources of information because they know that the mainstream medias are not telling the truth. Some people will say "Just don't listen to him, that's all!" I listen to these people to see what they are doing because I am targeted, and he is not the only one I listen to. I could completely stop to listen to them, which I have once done over a long period of time and it did not stop the targeting. I am able to psychologically manage this aspect of my targeting even if it is unpleasant.

(This section was available on a previous Web site since November 21, 2016, with slight modifications on January 2, 2017. The french version was available since November 8, 2016 here.)


Media Operation About Surveillance

On September 2, 2016, I had contacted a newspaper by phone to ask them to stop their surveillance activities on me. I also sent a transcript of my phone message by e-mail. You can see the original French version here. Here is the translation : consult (pdf).

A few weeks earlier, I had also contacted another newspaper for the same reasons. I have mentioned Nicolas Desurmont's texts to both newspapers.

On October 31, 2016, Quebec's medias started to talk about surveillance and geolocation. However, they are saying that it's the journalists who were under surveillance by the police. Here are articles in English about this :



All the journalists who are mentionned in these articles are people who were after me or who are working for radio and television broadcasts where I had been constantly targeted since 2005-2006.

Even if nearly two months had gone by since my contacts with them before they started their operation, I know it is not a coincidence that they did this. Following my phone calls, they have created this operation in order to camouflage their own behavior towards civilians. They want to have the public opinion on their side while saying that they are the victims of police espionnage, when they are in fact acting in collusion with the police in order to spy at civilians.

They have published a survey in French showing that the population does not accept the surveillance of journalists by the police (link). The publication of this survey reinforces in the public's mind the favourable opinion that the medias want to get from them. It also makes the people think that the medias are not working in collusion with the police. They make the public think a certain way by how everything is being presented to them.

In French, the articles about the police surveillance clearly are making reference to Nicolas Desurmont's texts. The vocabulary that they have used prooves that they are making reference to him. They do this because I have mentionned his texts when I had contacted them. They talk about geolocation, like Nicolas Desurmont when he wrote about geographical localisation. They also talk about mobile phones and the use of the triangulation process, which is another thing that Nicolas Desurmont mentions in his texts. However, they ommit to talk about the mimicking and the media feedback. They twist the thing by saying that they are the victims of the police when they are in fact working in collusion with it. They themselves transmit in their medias the information that was collected by spying at targets. As I have mentioned above, all the journalists mentionned since this story got out were people who were after me or who were working for broadcasts where I was constantly being targeted and mimicked.

I personally think that all this story was staged by corrupted elements inside the medias, the police and the political class. The police admiting that they have surveilled journalists is taking part in the staged event in order to ommit saying that they are spying on civilians for political means, often for years and even for life. They came up with that story at this precise time because I had contacted them. At this level of the police, the medias and the political class, these people are acting in collusion and everything that is being said publicly is under control. These high level media representatives, politicians and police officers are like collegues, so why would the journalists be secretly under surveillance like this, just like a civilian? There is a control, and probably also some surveillance, but it has nothing to do with the surveillance of civilians for political means. These people are all working in concertation.

The fact that this story got out in the news nearly two months after my contact with them doesn't mean anything. I am used to their thing. Sometimes, it can take a few days before they react, other times weeks. They can even come back with someting after years.

They just took the time they needed to prepare this operation.

They even got the "whistleblower" Edward Snowden involved in this operation (of course, everything is programmed). I was saying indirectly on this page (in the section about whistleblowers) that he got public after I got my Web site online. I claim that this fake whistleblower has been created because of my Web site. They have followed me so much for so many years with all sorts of media operations that I know this is what they have done. Every significant move I was making in private was followed by a media operation. When I got my Web site online, they went on doing the same thing that they had been doing since 2005-2006 by creating this fake whistleblower even if there were other Web sites existing before mine. They were after me (and still are) like predators. Maybe it's also because a lot of these Web sites are not real and are there only to drown real targets. When a real one goes on denouncing this situation, they create media operations.

There were some people who understood who I was talking about in the section on whistleblowers, like this sceptics' Web site (here) where they link to my site.

It's not for no reasons that Snowden looks that way : Her wears glasses, he is often being shown in public whitout smiling (like on the movie poster) just to do like me. I'm a person who is not smiling all the time like you can see on my Web site. It's all taking part in the mimicking, a method that is described by Nicolas Desurmont in one of his texts about gang stalking. Snowden also had a particular girlfriend, which is a reference to someone I was talking to on instant messaging. The medias were talking about her openly. There is even a public figure that has been created in Quebec with the same name, but of course they twist everything.

Snowden has made a presentation by videoconference at McGill University (here), in Montreal (Quebec). Like Nicolas Desurmont explains it, and like I have experienced it personally, universities are also implied in such operations. All the universities are, and McGill is one where they have made research on mind control with Dr. Donald Ewen Cameron. Here, drugs are not being used, but there still is a brainwashing operation going on. During this Snowden videoconference, all the people in the auditorium were being brainwashed and being imposed partial informations, and even erroneous informations in the case of Quebec's journalists, in order to camouflage what has been really going on for years. It's being done with the complicity of the medias who spread everything at a great scale. The people like me, who confront and resist, eventually get specifically targeted.

It's not without any reasons that this story about surveillance is going on in Quebec. It's because I am targeted and I have contacted the medias. Instead of doing the investigation that they should and make pressures so that the problem of gang stalking and surveillance of civilians into their homes finally resolves, the medias protect themselves and camouflage everything. Of course, it's not surprising.

(This section has been put on the Web site on December 27, 2016. The French version could be found here since November 8, 2016)


My artwork and my intellectual work being stolen

Since I am constantly monitored, a lot of things are being stolen from me. If I talk, if I write, if I draw, if I paint and if I play guitar, everything is susceptible of being taken by someone. This situation also extands to everything I think about, because they read my mind.

Some of my paintings, or part of them, have been used for record illustrations. My drawings and my paintings have also been used as a source of inspiration for movies. Sometimes, they take the basic idea and complexify it. They can also take it as it is, but only take part of the work. On other occasions, they can combine two or three drawings to make an illustration. When I draw something, they have pictures in the newspaper or on the Internet with elements refering to my drawing. When it's my writings, they can take a sentence, a word or an idea.

They also take music. I'm not a singer, but I used to like singing on my own. They had people imitating my voice. For instance, a university student would be heard on the radio, singing and imitating my voice and using art theories that I don't like to back it up, because they know what I was doing at the university. (It is usually when I say something like this that they come up with the jealousy accusations, even though I never intented on appearing on such shows as an artist, and certainly not as a singer, because I am not a singer.)

On other occasions, I improvise something on the guitar and a couple of days later they play something similar on the radio. If I play unusual chords, they take them and fit them into a mainstream radio song format, adding lyrics refering to me or to my ideas, but usually putting forward views opposed to mine.

They also had my voice in a pop song, or at least an imitation of my voice. I personally believe it is my voice that was registered remotly, because I recognise myself. The song starts with my voice and during the song, there are elements in the music and in the vocal arrangements that refer to my pop music tastes. The lyrics also make reference to poetry I had written. It also refers to craziness, as it is often the case when a target is involved. According to testimonies, the targets are most of the time being told that they are crazy. Numerous songs have targeted me and refer to me as being crazy and being a criminal. The videos of the songs also refer to my tastes or to what I do at my place, for instance on the computer, but not only on the computer. The video of one of these songs begins with sounds similar to what I had previously been doing on my guitar. During the video, there are also references to a pseudonym I used in the past and to meditation techniques I had talked about. The video also generally refer to things I had said or done on the computer. Other videos of that same pop singer also used ideas that were taken using mind reading.

All this is done by the enterteinment business, by all types of medias and by individuals, for instance on Web sites. One thing they like to do is having reports in the news about artists fighting in court for their royalties. I also have received spam mail from people wearing the name of a pop singer to which another pop singer that is monitoring me has been compared to. I did not open the e-mail, I deleted it, but it was saying "Here's your check".

Addition to this section :

Here are some of my works. I put pictures here to show what I was working on before I started being targeted in 2005-2006. I still had to work on this, but I have stopped painting when I found out that I had been put under surveillance. I also eventually stopped drawing, because I could not stand the fact that they were giving me indications that they knew what I was doing. I also was studying at the university, but if I had not been placed under surveillance, I still would have had time to paint and draw. I could have eventually reworked what I was working on.

So, here are a few pictures.


Around the year 2004, I was working on a Web site that I have never put online, again, because I found myself under surveillance and I did not understand what was going on. As I have mentionned, what I was doing still needed some work. I also had other ideas and I still was not ready to exhibit my work. Here are a few images showing what this Web site was going to look like. It would have been placed online using the same domaine name than the site you are currently on. You can see buttons, logos, and a background that I had made from my paintings. The colors I have selected have sometimes been used by individuals targeting me in politics, mixed with various elements that have been collected by spying at me, even when those elements have not been put online. At that time, the radio show host that I describe in my section about cases of people who are after me (case 1) was pressurizing me to get immediatly online with my Web site. he knew about it, because these people look at me all the time. I don't know what were his intentions, but this guy generally has a malevolent attitude towards me.



What I am showing here does not fully represent my views. If I would start painting again, I do not think I would paint like this anymore. Maybe a little bit, but I am not sure. There are things that I would change, and others that I would eliminate. I also had other ideas.

No matter what you think of these works, they have nonetheless been used by the entertainement business, and recently, by a cultural company. When I was at the university, a person who was making a presentation had made reference with moquery to things I had said about these paintings in private (which was not to be taken literraly, it was just an informal conversation), which eventually also as been picked up by this cultural business. Politicians have also indirectly made reference to my works.

Many individuals know that I was painting like this, but I can't get them to give me proofs. I ask them, but they are not answering me. I might try again with one person. At that time, I was not prepared to find myself under this type of surveillance, and I had not protected my work. I was not ready to exhibit and I was keeping my paintings and drawings at my place. Once those who are surveilling me got in my life from behind, it was too late. I am not saying that everything I was doing was new. I was working under various influences and what I was doing was had not attained completion. However, since I am targeted, those who are surveilling me have publicized it at a great scale. They also have taken what I was saying in private conversations about these works and have integrated it in there rhetoric.

As you can see, I was often working with light and obscurity, which is interelated to my spirituality. I was working under various influences, one of them being the work of an oil painter from Québec. Since I am targeted, those who are surveilling me often make reference to light and obscurity in art and politics. The blue is also often mentionned. Of course, others have worked with this color before, but it is now being done specifically in order to target me and to demolish what I do. They appropriate my tastes and my personality and also denigrate me. They always do both at the same time, as if it was a tactic to crush and quiet the targeted person from whom they are stealing. There is also all the contemporary art milieu that has been appropriating what I do, because I am someone who is critical about them and who has a preference for more traditionnal art forms. People working with multimedia technologies have directly taken inspiration from my oil paintings. They do this because those who are surveilling me have a technological agenda that they are implementing for control purposes. Consequently, the art that is being produced also has to be a vehicule for the promotion of their agenda, which an oil painting produced in a more traditionnal manner is not.

So, for me, this light was the spiritual light, but some individuals in politics have tried to manipulate the meaning of what I was doing. They said that I was looking for the light at the end of the tunnel, as if these people were by themselves this light and that I had to follow them. The medias have also tried to associate this blue to suicidal tendencies. Others have even linked it to autism. All this is just another demolition operation of my person and of my work, just has they have done it since the begginning of this story in 2006. In my case, they are attacking my spirituality, because I had called on a religious show. I have the intention of elaborating more on my spirituality and the attacks against me in another section of this Web site.

When I draw, I like to use lead pencils. I have made a lot of drawings that I am not showing here. I have once placed here a portrait of a pop musician that I had drawn from a picture published in the french magazine Les Inrockuptibles, and this can be verified in the Internet Archive where you can also look for what I had said about it. For instance, I was saying that there is a link between this drawing and a fake targeted individual that is reflecting me since the beginning of this story. I am nobody's fan, because I have seen to much from the music business since I am targeted. Moreover, the values and ideas that are conveyed in popular music do not correspond to my own values and ideas. Those who are surveilling me often use the music that I have listened to during the course of my life, when I was younger, and before I started being targeted in order to try to manipulate me and also manipulate the perception that others have of my person. They try to demolish everything that I have done spiritually and intellectually. I personnally was not taking seriously the views that are conveyed in this music, but those who are surveilling me actually are taking it seriously because it is the propaganda of their own ideological system.

Another person that I consider being a fake targeted individual has imitated me about my tastes for drawings. I found out about him on the blog of an "alternative" media outlet. When fake targeted individuals do something like this, they always want to look like they are better than the target. I know that my drawings are not perfect, but I was working freehand. In the case of this individual, he was highlighting the fact that he had been taking all the measurments, like if he wanted to show that I was not working that way (what I also have done in the past, but not in the case of the drawings he is refering to. Maybe they also know about this, so it could be the reason why they make him do this, but with more complexity). I know that what I was doing can still be improved, but these people are thwarting everything. This guy has a profile that imitates me in part on many aspects, even academicaly, but he promotes another culture while I mainly got interested in the Western culture. Furthermore, he identifies agents as being real as I know they are not, because they are targeting me in my privacy. He is also playing with the dates to pretend that he was doing this shortly before I was, or at the same time. Is case revolves around 2005-2006. Also, when I search for his name on the Internet, I get on suspicious Web sites. All this is just another "CIA" operation, or whoever these people are.

As I have already said, my work had not been exhibited yet. However, I had sent pictures by email and by instant messaging, but even if I do not take pictures and keep to myself what I am doing, they give me indications that they know what I'm working on. They have the capacity to take an artist's work directly on the drawing board. Has I have already mentionned, it goes even further because they can read minds, so they can take ideas directly from the artist's head. I am serious when I am writing something like this, because I am living the situation.

I now protect myself by sending my work to myself by email. Getting the pictures in my inbox gives me a proof. It is a policeman that told me to send my work to myself by mail. I do it by email. I also make a video of these emails, showing the pictures and the date I have received these emails. (I know that they can see what I have in my inbox, but at least I have a date and a video. I probably wont be able to use it to legally defend myself, but I still have it anyway, and I can show it.) However, I have done this after this hacking had started, so, to a certain extent, the damage has already been done. I do it for the future. I also could give the pictures of what I do to a lawyer, but I had a hard time finding one. I had a phone conversation with one of them. He asked me to send him pictures by email, which I have done. I sent him pictures of my work and of the work of those who are copying me, but even if I called him back, I never got an answer from him, not even to tell me that there is nothing he could do. I am not satisfied with other lawyers that I came across. There are some that seem to be excellent copyright specialists, but they charge 500$ / h. In regard if lawyers, I also have sensed a tentative to manipulate me. It's like if everytime the lawyers are more accessible to the general public, there is an ideological and political manipulation that aligns itself with the "progressism" of the dominating system. (For instance, it's like they absolutely want the lawyer to be a women, or there family names are similar to those of public figures in politics that have targeted me in the past. There curriculum vitae also shows that they are probably close to the political class and freemasonry. I do not like this kind of thing.) I personally think that it is easier to get what you want when you pay for it, but it is possible that 500$ / h lawyers also play this type of game.

I had started writing this text in French around January 23, 2015. Before I got it online, there already were reactions from the medias. For instance, a journalist who is tracking me since 2006 has published an article making reference to my views in regard of art. He has done this by making reference to something that they have made me work on when I was in art history. He is also making reference to other of my views that they have gotten aware of by spying at me. It's done in order to try to manipulate and take control of what I really think. It is not the first time that this journalist targets me that way.

To give exemples of my views in regard of art, I think that what is being done in contemporary art is, at least in part, a tool to foment an international plot. If you criticize this and you prefer the type of paintings that was produced in the past, they will often choose Caravaggio as a representant of ancient occidental art, because they can use him to build there socialist/communist rhetoric better than they could with the likes of, for instance, Raphael or Poussin. They also can use him to attack the values system of people and their conception of beauty. (I have been attacked and imitated many times about beauty over the last years, often in a twisted manner.) I am not saying that everything that is written about Caravaggio is always done to promote socialism or communism, I'm just saying that it is a tentative that is recurrent. Now it seems that they want to rhetorically use the figure of Caravaggio as a representant of the Ancients against the Moderns. I have been in front of this type of situations all throughout my studies in art history. If I have the chance, I have the intention of eventually elaborate on my views on art, but those who are surveilling are always looking and I have to try to hide myself (which is almost impossible) to do the reasearch, to read and to write. I also have a lot of other things to do, like, amongst other things, working on this Web site. Everything they are fomenting against me is done in order to thwart everything I want to do, to make me lose my time and take advantage, to discredite me, to steal, and to try to silence me.

(When I mention a plot, I refer to a form of communism and socialism that is also linked to a fascistic liberal power. I know these labels might seem inappropriate or contradictory to certain people, but I intend on elaborating further on this. It as to be taken in the broadest sense : liberal/neoliberal, fascist/authoritarian, linked to socialism and social democraty.)

(This section was available on a previous Web site, in its English version, since on February 8, 2015, with additions and modifications on March 6, 2015, September 13, 2015, and February 5, 2016. The first version, in French, add been added on January 30, 2015.)


Over the last ten years, I have been aware of songs that are actually referring to gang stalking and surveillance. There had been other songs like this before, like for instance The Police's Every Breath You Take (link), or Rockwell's Somebody's Watching Me (link).

Here are some more recent ones :

Rihanna :


It actually is my scream that you can hear in this song, or an imitation, but I think that they really have sampled it because I recognise myself. When I got targeted, when I found out it was irreversable and that I couldn't get out of it, I was screaming like this, the exact same scream. The song is actually about being targeted, but of course they twist the thing by saying the target is crazy. (link)

Russian Roulette

"You can see my heart beating, you can see it through my chest, I'm terrified, but I'm not leaving, know that I must pass this test". It's about when I started saying that they knew everything about my metabolism and that they could actually see through objects (like if they can see through walls). (link)

Rihanna was also referring to mind reading and/or dream induction during the Rated R tour (The Last Girl On Earth). Following the next link, pay attention to the sentences that are written : "When Rihanna sleeps, her dreams become real", "Downloading dream". You then see Rihanna dreaming. (link)

It's a reference to targeted individuals, about reading their minds and "downloading" thoughts and dreams using technologies.

Rihanna also tries to hook targets and the public in general by using the reptilian and extraterrestrial deception. She has done this with her video for the song Where Have You Been (link), a song for the movie Star Trek Beyond, Sledgehammer (link) and she has played in three science-fiction movies featuring extraterrestrials : Battleship, Home and Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets.

Other songs also have been targeting me, and I might add other ones eventually.

(This section was available on a previous Web site since June 24, with modifications on June 26 and December 28 and 30, 2016, with an addition on August 25, 2017.)



At the beginning of a week, during a local election campaign, a politician I had named in a letter I sent to a journalist years ago (in 2006), and who has been targeting me since, entered a coffee house near where I work. I had gotten there during lunch time. After he had just entered, his head turned rapidly but not completly towards me, so he did not look at me, at least not when I was looking. As he was waiting at the cashier, I finished my drink and I left the coffee shop, because my lunchtime was over and I had to go back to work. He turned and looked at me has I got out.

Later during the week, as I was working, I heard a conversation between co-workers about a new political figure that appeared during this campaign. The principal character of this conversation was a strange new employee. Since the beginning, I thought he was strange. At lunch time, he was sitting at the two places I was sitting the most in the employees room. He also was eating similar food to what I am eating. He would also go eat alone in a park near where I work, as I often do. He would go in the same area of the park that I go. It was not the first time this type of imitation was occuring in my surrounding since I am targeted. It as occured in other working places and in an academic context.

So, the conversation was about this new local political figure that had emerged and that the medias were publicizing a lot. As usual since 2006, the stories about this new figure were constantly making reference to me, but in another ideological context. The picture I have on this Web site was used as a model for electoral campaign posters that were created for this new figure. (The picture on this Web site was cut. There's a small part that I have taken away. The whole picture as also been used by an alternative media figure for a more elaborated picture which included the part I had removed. This altenative media figure has reported that my pictures were being looked at, what I already knew. I have been aware of this since I'm targeted.) From what I understood, the guy having the conversation said that he had met this new politician and that he would work for the undergoing campaign. He also was asked by the politician if he would be a candidate for the elections, and he said he was not interested.

The same day, at lunch time, I got out to eat at the park, as I usually do. As I arrived at the park, two black helicopters flew over my head at a very low and unusual altitude. They flew over my head at the exact same time that I was arriving at the park, so it was in a more open area. It was not the first time that an incident involving helicopters had occured since I am targeted, and it is also reported by other targets. Targeting by black helicopters are also reported on the Internet.

On another occasion, I was riding my bike and I was looking at an helicopter flying over my head. I don't remember if this one was black, but I was wondering if they were looking at me, because of the context of surveillance I am under. During the same period of time, radio show hosts that were constantly after me on public radio were making references to helicopters flying at a low level, as I had also previously noticed. They would say something like : " The helicopters are flying low, aren't they? ", without giving any more details. These helicopters were effectively flying at a low altitude, but not as low as the black helicopters I saw in the park.

Shortly after this bicycle ride, the same day I think, a pop music superstar that was constantly targeting me (and still his to this day) was pictured getting out of an helicopter. At that time, I was monitoring this superstar on the Internet on a daily basis, because I am targeted.


Conversation with someone who seems to be a freemason

A couple of years ago, I was working on a research in art history and I went to visit an exhibition in Ontario, so I had to travel a few hours, because I'm from Quebec. I took the bus to get there.

On my way back, I was reading the exhibition catalog and there was a man siting next to me. He started asking me questions about my book. I did not remain cold with him, I was nice and polite and engaged a conversation because I wanted to let him talk. I had expected something like this to happen.

So I was just talking about art with the guy. He was asking me questions about my research. He also told me that he was a university professor and that he was also working for the World Bank. I think he also told me that he was from the Washington area, or that he previously had been in Washington.

During the conversation, I asked him about freemasons. I openly asked him this question, because I was suspicious about him and because of his professional occupations. He told me he didn't know much about them. He told me that some believe in God, and others don't, and that they feud over it, at least where he comes from. He told me he was from Belgium. That's about all he knew.

He also asked me if I wanted to keep in touch with him, and he gave me his personal card. I said no. I told him I was talking to him during the trip because we were siting next to each other and that he was talking to me. He was not upset nor embarassed by my answer. He was nice to me all throughout the trip.

When I got back to my place, I searched for his name on the Internet. It was a name with a letter in the middle, between the first and the last name. I found the exact same name, with the same letter, on the Web site of a Masonic lodge. I printed this page, and I still have the guy's card.

I was not surprised about something like this. I was even expecting it, because of everything that is happenning to me since 2006. I had read on anti-freemasons Web sites that these people spy on individuals they have selected and that they are monitoring their phone calls, their e-mails and opening their mail. They also eventually contact the individual in person.

(I had written this text by hand on a sheet of paper before typing it for my Web site, and the day after, I received spam from someone wearing the same name than the guy who had talked to me in the bus. The spam was to tell me that I had won 500$ US. It was actually to show me that everything I do is monitored. It was not a coincidence and it is not the first time that such a thing happens with spam.)



Since I search about targeted individuals, I read about people saying that they think the surveillance and the targeting is done for recruitement purposes. It might be what they are doing to me. Since the beginning, in 2006, they give the impression that they want me to become a politician. I never knew if it was serious or if they just want to laugh at me and ridicule me. They hooked me once into calling on the radio and sending letters, and it's as if they want to hook me over and over again.

Since the beginning, they talk as if there is going to be a press conference and an interview on various shows. I don't think it's serious and I find the idea ridiculous, because nothing is real since the beginning. Most of it is just a media simulation.

A radio show host in my hometown was behaving as if he wanted an interview. The same thing was also being done by a television host. An unknown person on the Internet told me that I should go on his show, and there was also another radio show host that was pressurizing me about it. Eventually, after years, there is one host that said that he would never have an interview with me. I'm a calm and mostly quiet guy and I'm usually polite with people, but the targeting made me have erratic and aggressive behaviours. I even got arrested once. He doesn't want people like me on his show. He would say I'm crazy. They'd rather have an "alternative" media figure imitate targets in a caricatural and simulated encounter with mass media hosts. (Most of the hosts that made it look like they wanted an interview were french speaking hosts. It doesn't mind, because they work for the same network of individuals that we find in the controlled medias in the rest of Canada, in the United States, in Europe, and in the rest of the world. That's an aspect of what a lot of people call the New World Order.)

If they really want to recruit me in politics, it's probably because they need people to help advance their own agenda. They probably want to use me in one of there crooked plans and at the same time give me a lesson, not to say a freemasonic lesson.

There also were things being said about the music business. I talk about this because that's what they were saying. Again, if they really wanted to recruit me in the music business, it must be to use me and manipulate me as an artist, and also to ridicule me or to get me into something like the monarch programming that is being talked about on the Internet. They don't give a damn about my age (I was 35 when this thing started). There was a period in my life when I had been influenced by that mind control music of the music business. I never fully got into it psychologically, but they know they had me for a while. They look like they want to capitalize on this and get me back, but it won't work. I was certainly not going to get into this in my late thirties and early forties if I never really got into it as a youngster. There was always a side of my mind that was staying clear and lucid. Still, they used this period of my life to try to manipulate and blackmail me.

No matter what these people are trying to do, they will never get me.


Cases of individuals who are after me

You will find in this section various cases of individuals who have been after me since the beginning of this story.

Case one : A radio show host

This individual is hosting a show about public affairs and entertainment. This guy has been after me since I had called on a supposedly ultra-conservative and religious show in 2005. It was not his show, but he was friends with the host I talked to. He got after me more intensely in late 2006 after a letter to a journalist had provoked developpements in the public debate. Since then I have been constantly targeted by the medias, the political class and the enterteinment business.

I have not called at this guy's show, and I have not written to him either, but everything would always be transferred to him. Locally, he his the one that played the biggest role in this story. Once, I made the mistake of calling to his studio because I did not understand what was going on. He was talking about me all the time. I was not at my place, I had called using someone else's cell phone. I had only about 15 minutes of time in front of me, but nobody answered. It was an answering machine and I left a message, but no one called back. Maybe I should have waited and sent an email later on, but I do not think it would have changed anything. At the time I am writing these lines, he has been after me for 8 years. He knows that I have complained about it. He knows about the contents of my complaints, he knows where I live and where I work (he sometimes makes references to my boss), he knows my phone number and he has my email address. He also knows that I have Web sites.

It is clear to me that this guy works for the type of system described by Nicolas Desurmont in his texts, a system that is also similar to what was called in the United States Operation Mockingbird, where the radio show host becomes something like a CIA agent working for corrupted elements of the police.

I had called two or three times at the conservative show and it is after the last and more elaborate call that it started being obvious to me that they knew everything about my life. (All the medias, not only where I called, and I eventually found out that it was international.) They were talking about me and my privacy on air. This radio show host I'm talking about here as not stopped since. This guy has informations about everything : the people I have known in my life, my family, my activities, what I eat and drink (including recipes and the way I cook), sexuality, what I read, what I listen to on the television and radio, and even my thoughts.

This guy is aggressive, dead set against me, unscrupulous, and hypocritical. I personally think that his talent is inferior to his great notoriety. There has been much more talented hosts on the radio, and this guy has been there for years, doing the exact same thing with the exact same tone at the exact same time every week day. Everything seems programmed all the time, I even sometimes ask myself if he really is broadcasting live during all the segments of his show. (I'm not saying he's not, I cannot know, but I ask myself the question.) His thing is more stealing and demolishing others, and being an expert in character assassination than developping his own talent. He hides the fact that he's stealing, because you have to be an insider or you have to be targeted to know about it. Part of the demolishing operation is also hidden, because it is done indirectly. He gives the impression of giving his own views about events, but a lot of it, if not everything, is stolen by spying at targets. As he is debating about a topic, sometimes over the course of several months, he demolishes the target from which the topic has been taken. He is heavily involved in blackmailing and character assassinations. Despite all this, he can sometimes behave more friendly with the target, almost like if he wanted to help, which is a little bit strange and contradictory.

He also acted as if he wanted an interview. He was not the only one doing it. I found the idea ridiculous, because I am an unknown person and the general public does not even know what happened. This story has never been reported, despite the fact that they constantly talk about me indirectly. As I mentioned in another section, I also consider that everything that happened after my interventions is a media simulation. It also as been mentioned a few times that some people pay big amounts of money to get an interview on his show. I do not think that this whole story about an interview is serious. He also has my contact informations and he never contacted me. It's like if he wanted to bait me into contacting the medias again or try to set me up by dangling the possibility of getting an interview. Anyway, why would I talk to people who are unrespectful, who spy at me constantly, even in my appartment, and who read my mind? It's obvious they want to give themselves advantage over me. It's crooked. Eventually, after many years, he said he would never give me an interview. I'm usually calm, quiet and polite with people, but the surveillance I'm under sometimes made me aggressive. I often screamed at these people. He also considers that there is nothing to do with someone like me, because I do not accept various social developments or social pressures and I do not believe in a lot of what the medias are saying.

Everytime a public figure rises, he's always taking part in the promotion of the new figure that seems to become popular naturally, but who is in fact constructed by the "elites" this radio show host is working for.

He never says the truth about what is really going on. He works within the boundaries of the façade erigated by the "elites". He makes it look like he's giving accurate informations by the way he talks, by carrying a logic that he's probably not even developping on his own, but a logic that deliberitaly ignores the elements that would make the listener understand what is really going on. He also uses aggressivity as he his at the same time indirectly protesting against the aggressivity of targets that he got aggressive by provocation.

This guy never gives credit to the people who are writing his scripts and he's presented as someone who is talking freely on his own. Sometimes he attacks other media networks for not giving their sources when they quote him, which is something that he is doing regularly. On occasions, he even gets upset when he is being asked for sources. Anyway, how can he have a source if he gets his informations by illigally spying? He has no sources, he steels. If he has a source, it's an unwitting source. He's also not really against the other media networks, he's working along with them against the general public. Along with other medias, he uses the masses to get after individuals or groups. This guy is just an organised crime figure playing his role in the dynamic created by the "elites". His way of treating informations corresponds to a need from those "elites".

(This section was available on a previous Web site since September 28, 2014)

Case two : A pop singer

This person is a pop singer and has been targeting me for as long as I know that I am targeted. I started being aware of her during the summer of 2007. I first heard her music when I was working at a place where those who are surveilling me had decided I would work. I had indirectly been told by an unknown person on the Internet that this is where I would be hired. All sorts of things related to gang stalking happened there. There were mainstream pop music radio stations playing all the time.

As I had gotten older, I had not followed pop music as I used to when I was younger, so I didn't know about the new generation of pop singers. One of them caught my attention more than the others because there were elements in the music that reminded me of songs I had listened to when I was young. I also thought it was the best music playing on these radio stations. She eventually became the type of singer that calls themselves "bitches". This one in particular even called herself a bitch on stage. At the beginning, I was not considering her being one of those bitches.

I was not used to listening to this type of music. When I really got into popular music, I was listening to hard rock, heavy metal, alternative music and bands from the sixties. I was not listening much to the mainstream contemporary pop music stations. I also had an interest for classical music and I would listen to it on my own, not talking much about it with people. As I had gotten older, I went on listening to classical music and getting interested in painting, especially everything created before the 20th century. I still would listen to popular music, but more moderately. I also got more selective, trying to keep away from what I consider being manipulation.

So, during the summer of 2007, I realized that not only the local radio show hosts were after me, but also the international superstars of pop music. I searched on the Internet for that one in particular. It was quite strange for me, because I'm not the usual listener of that type of music.

What I really did is that after realizing I was under surveillance and that the medias were following my every moves and imitating me, I also found out that the music industry was after me. I chose one pop singer, the one that I thought was the best amongst today's singers of that type of music, and started listening to her and buying her records to see what would happen. I wanted to know how far the surveillance and the imitation was going. I also wanted to get the attention elsewhere, because all the attention was on me. I was thinking something like "Why don't you give all this attention to an emerging pop singer instead?". I wanted to get the attention away from all the exagerated and endless debating about me that had been going on for months. Following this pop singer was also entertaining, but at the same time there was a mind game going on and a tentative of mind control. I say I have chosen her because I thought she was the best, wich is true. However, they got my attention because they were surveilling me and using my personal tastes to get my attention. They were doing it before I got aware of it. It's like if they wanted to take me back to that time when I was heavily listening to popular music. They wanted to hook me and try to influence me. She was not the only one targeteing me like this. Most of the prominent bands and singers were also doing it, including all those I had previously been a fan of.

So I was going on the Internet to see that pop singer's videos, interviews and live performances. I was also listening to her records. What happened is that this particular pop singer targeted and imitated me even more, which is not supprising. It's what I thought would happen. The targeting was not aggressive, I could even say it was kind compared to the demolition I was undergoing from the talk show hosts. The pop singer even sometimes supported me. However, with time, it became manipulative, more aggressive, and bitchy. Occasionnaly, I would get upset or disapointed about her because I felt she was trying to manipulate me. Over the months and years, it became obvious that the singer was undergoing the type of transformation that some people on the Internet call the Monarch programming. Whether it's real or just actoring, the transformation was really occuring.

The pop singer was making references to me in her interviews, songs and videos. Even live performances and her shows on tour would target me. There was a period of time, over several months, where she was always dressing according to my tastes. The same with the make up and hair color, but she eventually changed. It's like if she was intentionally doing things I don't like and thought I would still follow.

I also realized that my thoughts were being read and that they were used for music videos, live performances, clothing and necklaces. I was imagining ideas for her and they sometimes would be given to other singers. At the same time, they would make the one I had chosen do things I don't like.

Once, I saw my name appearing on television, at the bottom of the screen. It was written . In fact, it was not my name, because since I started being targeted, they had created public personalities wearing a similar name. In this case, the first name was different, but it was designed to make me have thoughts that it could be me, which is what happened. However, in thoughts, I also said to myself "No, it's not me". Because they read my mind, shortly after I had seen this name, they had the pop singer say something like "The first times I saw my name on television, I thought it wasn't me." All this was occuring as the medias were indirectly talking about me all the time. A couple of times, they also gave indications that I could have an opportunity with this singer, but it was always done indirectly at the same time that I was on a 24h a day physical and mental surveillance. I don't know if this thing was true. I personally think it was a tentative to manipulate my views about politics, society and art.

During the same period of time, other pop singers "competing" with her (I personally think that there is no real competition and that there all working for the same people) were recruiting in my hometown, but it was always a different type of person that was being selected. For instance, if I do not like tattoos, it would be someone covered up with tattoos. It is very often twisted like this.

There is also a pop musician that emerged and that eventually worked with the singer. He originated from my country and he was often imitating me, but in a twisted manner. During the same period of time, someone wearing the same name and who was a musician was talking to my niece on the Internet. At that time, he was in California. I have been told that he became very popular and eventually stopped talking to her. I know that those who are surveilling me have been messing up with her mind using various tactics. They definitely got after my family and also used them against me, which is typical of a targeted individual's situation. They used a situation that was already there and exacerbated it, using my family members characteristics against me. It is possible that the pop musician talking to my niece was the same that emerged and that imitated me and that family members lied to me about it. All kinds of strange things have been said to me by family members. Other individuals from the music business were also in contact with my niece, who was a young teenager.

This pop singer I'm talking about here is the one for which my voice as been used in a song, as I explained in another section. I just say "voice" not to identify the song too precisely. She also had theme songs and videos related to new jobs where I had been placed by those who are surveilling me. Various situations occuring in my life were being imitated.

I know about one incident that happened to her that was an imitation of my behavior in my appartment. It's something that is being presented as a major event in her carreer and that did not happened the way it was reported by the medias (if it really happened). The story is innacurate, or false, and it has gotten international media coverage. Shortly after the event, the singer was seen in public as if nothing happened. She was also never asked any obvious questions by the medias about this event. If she was asked these questions, it was never publicized. I'm not giving too many details about this, because I am not identifying people too precisely on my Web site.

If this event occured the way it was reported, then highly advanced knowledge or technologies have been used to fix everything. Maybe look alikes or make up has been used too, but nobody ever asked any questions. It was also strange that it was similar to something I had done in my appartment, as she as been following me and imitating me for years.

Another strange thing is that I had a dream about the pop singer telling me about this situation. I had never heard about this before even though I was following her carreer. I had the dream about one week or two before the event occured and broke the news. The vocabulary she used in the dream was also eventually used to entitle a song. I had many other dreams about her too, and in these dreams she is always friendly with me (I'm not saying she actually is, even if she sometimes looked like she was, espacially at the beginning). Indications have been given to me that they know I'm having these dreams, even though I had not talked about it openly. Over the last couple of years, the dreams have almost stopped, but not completely.

I have withdrawn from this situation because I didn't like the direction she was taking. I have completely stopped listening to her. I boycott her because she gets manipulative. She would sometimes team up with politicians to try to manipulate me. What I am doing with my life as nothing to do with these people. However, using the monitoring I am under made me see how these people operate.

(This section was available on a previous Web site since October 10, 2014)


Case three : Two female students

Those who are surveilling me have often used women in there psychological warfare against me. They place women in my surroundings, and others that were in my surroundings in the past are used in the medias and on the Internet in order to try to crush me psychologically. Meanwhile, they use all kinds of means to try to thwart everythind I want to do. I will talk here about two of these women who were students at the university.

I had the first one in my surroundings before I started being openly targeted. She was often after me and I was trying to keep her away because I didn't like her. Once, she was sitting next to me in an auditorium and she was invading my personal space to the point that I couldn't even write. I asked her politely to remove her goods and she reacted aggressively, looking at me with an insulted face, which is something she was often doing. I never liked her since the first times I had seen her. I generally didn't like her behavior and I was keeping away from her, sitting elsewhere. When I would do this, she still would be looking at me all the time, even though I never tried to get her attention.

In 2006, when I started being targeted, she was in one of my class again, along with another student who I eventually identified as a stalker. Both of them have been used to target me politically. At that time, I didn't know that I was in a gang stalking dynamic. I had contacted the medias in late 2005 by calling on a talk show. The only thing I knew was that I was being pressurized to contact them again. I also started to think that something strange was going on. For instance, my phone line seemed to be tapped, because radio show hosts were making reference to my conversations. However, I knew nothing about targeted individuals, gang stalking and imitation in the medias.

I eventually became more informed about these issues and I now believe that this class I have taken in 2006 was created in a gang stalking dynamic. It was a set up. It was about a topic related to my personal tastes and they knew I would take the class. The second student that was in this class looked like a women with whom I had conversations through instant messaging. They have analyzed these conversations along with my psychology and have identified my sexual preferences. Subsequently, women corresponding to these caracteristics were being placed in my surroundings at the university and in my working places. It was always being accompanied by comments in the medias.

This second girl also had a preoccupation for me. She was almost never participating, but everytime I would make an intervention during the class, she would also talk, but only to contradict me. Almost everytime she was participating was to contradict me. She also started to socialize with the first girl that I have talked about, the one I didn't like. This one still had a preoccupation for me, but she was not trying to get close to me as much. She was sitting close to another guy. She seemed to be after guys all the time.

I was talking to her only academically, because she would intervene when I was participating. She was talking more than others. I was always answering her directly without avoiding her, but the rest of the time, I was ignoring her because I didn't like her. I was trying to keep her away from me.

Once, I was commenting on a text that we had read and I had said something that had insulted her so much that she got up and left the classroom. She came back later on after she had calmed down. My comments were about an artist that had difficult relationships with women.

As I have mentionned, this class was being held in 2006. It was during fall 2006, to be more precise, and it is during this semester that I have contacted the medias again. After I had called in late 2005, the medias were pressurizing me during the year 2006 to contact them again and comment on the debate that was undergoing in Quebec between those who were being called the lucides and the solidaires. (I was on the side of the lucides and I still personally consider myself being a lucid, but I will eventually explain myself about this, because knowing what I know now, I'm on nobody's side.) After a last letter in fall 2006 that had a lot of repercussion, all the "elite" system (medias, entertainment business, art community, sports, universities, etc.) started openly targeting me and show me that I was under surveillance and that they new everything about me. From the end of 2006 to the summer of 2007, I realized the magnitude of this system and I have realized that these people where looking at me everywhere, even in my appartement.

This letter never has been published, but in the class I was attending, indirect comments where being made as much by the teacher than some students. It is also in this class that I had my worst grade in the program in which I was studying. I even was placed behind students who were not participating, even though the participation was being asked. Since college, I was used of getting grades above average, and even at the university, when I was often working full time or part time as I was studying, I still was often getting grades above average. (At least, this is what I think, but they are not giving the average in my records for that period of time. I was nonetheless getting good grades.) However, after this incident with the medias and up to the end of my studies at the university, I was getting grades I had never gotten before since college, and I found myself systematically below average, or at best, average, no matter my efforts. (An operation as occured a while ago involving the radio show host that I describe in this section at case one. Students have denounced the manipulation of grades by the teachers for political purposes. At that time, I had been waiting for several months for a text that I want to place on my Web site. I had contacted the university, but for some reason, it was taking a lot of time. This type of operation with media coverage and the participation of students, is always occuring within the boundairies of the dynamic described by Nicolas Desurmont in his texts, as there is exchange of information between the surveillance system, the educational institutions and the medias. I know that they have talked about this issue because I was waiting for an answer from the university. The medias have indirectly made reference to this situation more than once. I will eventually talk about the gang stalking that I have lived in an academic context. In a broader perspective, I will also talk about my studies from my youth until the very end of my the university studies, my grades and my behavior, and explain what eventually got me to be targeted.)

During the summer of 2007, as the class that I have talked about had ended at the end of 2006, an incident occured with the second girl that I have talked about, the one looking like the women I had conversations with.

I was going to work at a new place where there was gang stalking going on. I will eventually describe this. I had indirectly been told on the Internet that I would work for this company. I was not getting any answers from the other jobs I had been applying for. I was on the cycling path with my bicycle, and when I got to an intersection, the light was red and this girl was standing on her bicyle, not moving. I recognized her from the back. When the light turned green, she was not moving and was standing completely still, so I passed besides her and I looked at her. She did not look at me and her face was tensed and uptight. She was not moving. I continued my way through the intersection to go to my working place. The day after, the medias were making reference to this incident. For a while, her first name was often mentionned in the medias, even in foreign newspapers. I even remember being in a newspaper stand and hearing a woman saying "Why are they always talking about her?", naming this girl's first name. It was true, this name was always being mentiond in the medias since I had her in my surroundings. There was even a radio show host that was always after me who was talking to her as if she was in studio. She was not answering on air. She, or someone looking like her, also was presented in a newspaper in a sexualized context, from the back, and dancing on a stage like a nude dancer.

I personally consider the girl as being an agent working for the dominating system. She definitely belongs to a gang stalking group. After being in my surroudings, she also worked for individuals in the entertainment business who are always targeting me. The whole story goes back to 2006, and even today, in 2015, she is working for a musician that is continually targeting me. She also has a blog which was entitled by spying at my ideas and using mind reading. It is also possible that she has changed her name, because her first name has a signification, just as her family name which is a compound name. The first name was the family name of the conservative host that I had talked to on the radio. The second name could be related to a story that was running about me because I had talked on instant messaging to a particular girl. Nothing happened between me and her, but I eventually learned that she had been, amongst other things, a nude dancer. So this second name is the same than the one of a well known nude dancers club that this girl had been asked to work for. Maybe it's the reason why the medias depict some girls that I had in my surroudings at the university as nude dancers. Maybe it's also because they really have been nude dancers, but I cannot know.

In regards of the first girl, they went on talking about her even when I had changed university and when she wasn't in my immediate surroundings anymore. She went on with her studies and the topic she was working on seems to be targeting me. A lot of students have done this and I will eventually talk about this.

The medias were talking about the girl as if I was going to marry her. Their were even public figures of a very high social level that were imitating this situation. These people are members of the monarchy. They got married and various elements about the couple and what they were doing was making reference to me, of course always twisting the real story, because in reality, I never liked that girl from the beginning, and I always tried to get away from her. They were presenting this couple as having been friends for the same amount of time that I had this girl in my surroudings. The women was also presented as having studied in the same field than this girl, and she was physically corresponding to my preferences. When she came in my country, she was dressed in a color that I like. The pop singer that I have described in case two has also done this, but not necesserily when she comes to my country. She is still doing this in 2015 when she makes appearences and targets me.

I have read in targeted individuals' testimonies that the people who target us like to try to match together incompatible individuals. I do not like this girl that I had in my classes and I never was her friend, but she is presented as being my futur spouse. Sometimes I search on the Internet for the name of people I have problems with. In her case, I find multiple pictures of wedding dresses. (This might be a coincidence, because her last name is also the name of a wedding dress company. However, her full name is also written in a strange way on one of these Web pages. So, in sum, there are monarchists who got married who made reference to me and her, there is a radio chronicler who made reference to marriage when talking about me and her, this girl was in my surroundings when she is not supposed to (more than once, not only at the library, it's like if she was surveilling my comings and goings), and her full name was written on a wedding dress Web page. Another strange thing that I have not talked about yet, is that someone looking like her appeared in a movie that I stumbled on when I was changing channels on television. When I saw this, I thought it was her, or a computer modification of the original movie to make the actress look like her. It was a scene that was mirroring something that I had just done in my apartment. It was something looking like a mother and a daughter teaming up together and making a man aggressive. The man did exactly what I had just done in my apartment. These two women also made me think of a female university teacher with her daughter. Other similar things also occured on the same television channel.)

It's like if they want to take someone who's representative of their "progressist" mentality and place her in the context of marriage, even though she represents the contrary. This girl was arriving late at the class with her hign heels clattering, she was talking to anyone, always laughing, gossiping, talking on her cell phone and sometimes sitting in front of me on two chairs, wearing low rise jeans with a string coming out. She was sexy, but I didn't like her personality. It's like if they wanted to place a divorce in my life so that I become like them. They demolish my academic record, they make me divorce, and then they can say "You are like us! Lets go ahead with our project!". They also make it fit into their "equality" dynamic.

Another incident has occured when I was working on a research. I went to a university library and I was sitting at a table where I consulted books for a few hours. The library was almost empty. When I got up, this girl was sitting behind me. I should have ignored her as usual, but I was a little uncompfortable because she was looking at me as I was picking up my stuff. She also add talked to me a couple of times. I was a little bit taken by surprise, so I just nodded with a slight smile. However, and as usual, she got a little bit aggressive with and insulted attitude. I just left with my stuff. I don't know what she was doing sitting right behind me when the library was almost empty. She could have gone sit elsewhere. When it happened, I was under the impression that someone had told her that I was at the library, but I cannot know.

Just as they had done with the other girl, they also made reference to her as if she was a nude dancer. They have done this on the radio and I have the audio file. I think that they have done this as I had just written something about the situation. It was on a radio station which prides itself on making high-level journalism and having great respect for journalistic ethics.

Eventually, about 1 year and a half ago, they also have used mind reading on me about this girl. I was at my working place and I had thought about her in a concentrated manner, being a little bit upset. I was thinking about an army green vest that she was sometimes wearing, like I have seen some leftist do. Shortly after, a women I'm working with and that has some behaviors similar to those of that student, for instance always insisting to talk to me when it's clear I do not want to have a relationship with her, started wearing a similar vest. (There is also a stalker that I will eventually describe that did the same thing during the same period of time, openly making reference to the situation in front of me.) Those who are watching me knew that I was not getting along with her, because I had a few altercations with her. They don't like when I try to keep away from me people who have delinquant behaviors. For them, it is not delinquency, it is open-mindedness and progress. All my life, I've had problems with this type of individual, often women. Those who are looking at me do not like when I take the means for it to stop. I will also elaborate more about this eventually.

I have only talked about two women here. There were also others, and I intend to talk about it in a section about the use of women and the honey pot trick. I also suspect the existence of a feminist "underground" harassment network.

(This section was available on a previous Web site since April 12, 2015. It was previously added on my French page on February 22, 2015.)


Case four : a female artist from the hip hop culture

This is not a letter. I specify this because those who are surveilling me often depict me as someone who communicates by letters. Some section of my Web site are sometimes being considered as letters I'm sending to the people I'm talking about. They say this more often since I have put the section about the female pop singer at case 2. They also often depict me as a woman, for instance by saying "Women like writing letters".

So, this is not a letter, it's a description of a woman who is targeting me. She is an artist that I found out about by inquiring on female delinquency, which is one of my preocupations. I personally think that she is a delinquent.

She is an artist working in complete opposition with my views about art. She parrots my views in an inverted way, using my words to promote her own views. She also imitates my character.

She claims that she has been close to superstars and that some of them wanted to marry her. The music business also has been trying to recruit her. She also claims to be on MK-ULTRA, to be targeted, and that gang stalking tacticts are being used against her. She has a video channel where she talks about this and where she plays her music. She has about five names that she is using. Maybe only her family name is real, or none of them, but I cannot know. When I started listening to her, the medias started making reference to her. The pop singer that I describe at case two also did.

I personally think that she really has been close to some music business figures, that she really is under surveillance, and that she really is under MK-ULTRA. However, she actually is a stalker. I say this because she targets me all the time. She also is stealing ideas from me. She heard about me because I got targeted, and now she imitates my views in her own context. She is taking away things from me that I will eventually write about. She imitates me, she steals my character, and above all this, she claims to be the one who is being copied and siphonated, which is also part of the imitation, and makes me look like I'm the one who's parroting.

I also personally think that this person is looking at me in my apartment. If she is not looking at me, she is supplied in informations about me, but I think that in her case, it is possible that she really is looking at me. She seems to be close to criminals. She is not working, but she always has a place to live, and it's not always the same place.

She has been following what I do since 2006 and changed her apparent behavior according to my own views. She then lies by saying that she is not doing what she is doing because she as seen someone else do it. This woman is a pathological liar.

She is taking a lot of ideas that are at the center of my way of thinking. For instance, she talks about people smiling all the time. I do not like imposed smiles. I was saying that women are particularely doing this. They ask for smiles all the time. So, she plays the inverted role : a woman criticizing the obligation to smile all the time, to bring this idea back on the side of my opponents.

I also was talking about street people who are used by my opponents, the "progressists" socialists/liberals fascists. I was saying that they always have certain kinds of dogs that don't look like pure race dogs, and that it can even become a trendy thing amongst people who have more money to cherish these dogs, ideologically discriminating pure upper class breeds that I like better. (There as been a movie targeting me where a crossbred dog is the hero, which is similar to the typical tendency of presenting bums and delinquents as winners that you can observe in the dominating pop culture.) I personally believe in the existance of a street ideology that is backed by the system at large (freemasons, governments, the police, the entertainment business, etc.) all around the world. For instance, graffitis are being studied in universities with a strong tendency to put them at the same level than classical art, all this being endorsed by the system. So, what happened is that she eventually appeared on the Internet with a dog looking like those I was talking about.

She also claims to have no family and friends to rely on, because it's my situation. (I'm not complaining about this. About not having friends, it's a decision I took a long time ago, and it's being reinforced because I'm targeted, which doesn't mean I never talk to people. In the case of my family, it's another story.) In her case, it's absolutely not true. She is a sociable person who has friends, and her own videos proove that she is lying. It's just her own imitation and contribution amongst all the people who have suddenly appeared around 2006-2007 up to this day to thwart what I do. She is someone who is open minded into talking to all sorts of people all the time, no matter what their behavior, which is not something I believe in.

She believes in authentic hip-hop culture, but she starts playing classical music to imitate me, only to bring it to the street level, along with the tattoos and graffitis that these people like so much, and again, backed by the "upper" class. (Some people might not agree with me about this, but this is what I think. At least part of the "upper" class, if not more, are on the side of street people, for ideological purposes and to use them.) However, I think that everybody should have access to classical culture instead of pop all the time. I'm not saying that these people should not get intersested in it.

She talks about silence, because silence is something I enjoy. They sometimes have tried to put me in contradiction with this by looking at me 24/7. I'm generally and authentically a quiet guy who enjoys quiet activities like painting, reading, and writing. I'm not a guy who likes clubing and hanging out with noisy people. She talks about this because, no matter how it's being done, she is aware of my behavior when I started to figure out about the surveillance I got under. Knowing I was constantly being watched, even in my appartment, I would just sit in a chair all night long in the dark in complete silence, getting a more profound understanding of what is really going on socially, so she imitates me and makes videos about it. She is just taking the silence concept that can be found in various religions and spiritual traditions and brings it back to her own street level culture. It's something that a band like Depeche Mode has done, where a mainstream tattooed drug addict pop culture figure sings about enjoying the silence to try to hook people and deceive them, which is something that pop culture is often doing to religious and spiritual people. Simon & Garfunkel also say that "the words of a prophet are written on the subway wall" as they sing about the sound of silence. This is typical of "CIA" music (or whatever other people and entities behind the industry) where typical street people are glorified. Of course, they don't say that some of the graffitis on subway walls and elsewhere are part of operations that they are having, like I personally have witnessed since I'm targeted. (I say this because graffitis in my neighbourhood have been imitating what I do and what I say in my appartment. Being targeted by graffitis is also something that has been reported by other individuals under gang stalking. I'm not saying that all the graffiti artists are doing this.) This woman is just part of the operation they are having against me, as they go on with the deconstruction of the old systems art forms that is going on since a couple of centuries.

She also says that "you are what you do", because I was saying, on the contrary, that I am not what I do. What I meant is that I am not what I am doing when I go to work to pay the rent. It is not who I am as an individual. What I am is what I do when I am at my place, like for instance working on the content of my Web site or when I am having artistic activities. I personally never got a job where I could say "This is what I am". She also was parroting what I had said about not being there psychologically when I go to work, but only apparently looking like I'm there because I'm there physically. Of course, I have a psychological presence to do the job, but I do not psychologically integrate the social climate, like for instance people talking all the time. It's all sorts of things like this that I was saying in my apartment and that she is parroting. It's done to gain control over me. She says "you are what you do", because they want to demolish what I really am working on, on my own, and impose their own version of who I am, using what comes from them, like the type of job that I have, the music that they play all the time in order to hook people and control their minds, the activities that they try to make people get into, like drinking, listening to sports and movies, the conversations that I have with co-worker when I have to talk to people I never intended to talk to, so I don't say 100% of what I think, etc.

She also ridicules the way that I express myself because what I do is more structured and cerebral, while she is more improvised and emotional (even though she can also be cerebral). She laughs at the "introduction, development, conclusion" thing (even if I don't always strictly work that way) because she knows I've been in universities and she droped out. (I also have stopped studying in the past, but not in the same way that she did. I will talk about this eventually.) She says that everything is rigged. I like writing and being more cerebral, not because I think that it's the only way that you can get something done, but because I enjoy myself working that way. It's closer to my authentic personality, which doesn't mean I never have any emotions, but strong emotions are not dominant in my personality. I have worked on this. I also like the quietness, the interiority and the introspection linked to writing better than talking (which, again, doesn't mean that I always communicate with people by letters).

So, she criticizes my personal goals, participating with others in the operation against me to try to thwart everything. She also took many other views and characteristics, like people projecting on me, not arguing with peple, the idealisation of Aboriginals (she actually is herself of Aboriginal descent), judging people, not liking being touched by people, people gossiping all the time, liking painting and poetry, having people looking at me and thinking that they are looking at someone behind me, saying that she is exhausted when I fall asleep at an unusual place (she talks about this along with the medias who are often backing her), and many other notions and characteristics.

This woman is absolutely not the type of person who authentically likes what I like. I do not believe that she is completely alone like she claims to be. She likes socializing and small talk. She is a liar, she is extremely hypocritical and so unscrupulous that she looks natural and spontaneous when she is talking. She talks about people's hypocrisy because she knows what I'm thinking. She is using mind reading on me, or she is supplied with informations by people who are using mind reading on me. She knows that I think she is hypocritical and she quotes my thoughts. Then, she also says something like "Do you really think they read your mind?"

I suspect her of being under the control of organized crime black people who are using her to try to neutralize my views and those of people like me. She seems to be related to the hip hop people that got after me, and she proves that it's not only the most notorious ones that did so, but also the most marginals.

Another thing that she was saying is that she was looking for a husband. She says that because she knows that I do not like a certain social mentality about relationships between men and women. I believe in a long term relationship with one person (even when your young), not in going from one person to another. I also am not looking for someone, for various reasons, like my spirituality, my value system, what is going on socially, and the fact that I am targeted.

When I found out about her, someone in the medias who's constantly taking ideas from me and targeting me said something that implied that this woman had found the man she is looking for. That person in the medias was also on her side because she is of Aboriginal descent, which is trendy amongst leftists. All these people might also think that I'm going to cross the line and join them in their criminal system, because they recruit targets. I will never become a stalker.

She comes up with many plans about getting out of the system, things that she is not even really doing. She's always in an appartment or a house. She gets after guys and says that they don't go all the way, like if they don't have the guts. She's not reliable, but she claims that they should contact her and help her get out of the system, because she's a woman. It's like she wants guys to feel like cowards. She's the tomboy type that is so typical in popular culture where they like to show them being tougher than guys. She gets after guys who are critical about feminism and who get interested in what is called the liberty movement in the United States. She knows I have listened to these medias, because she is spying at me (which doesn't mean I believe and agree with everything they are saying in these medias).

Even though she says that she is not talking to someone in particular, she is trying to make me contact her. Of course, it's a set up in order to try to make me lose my convictions. She is not really looking for a husband. She is doing drugs, she is having bisexual sex and she is unscrupulous about it, she goes from people to people, and I also suspect her of having sex with black guys, because she looks like someone who is doing so. I know the type of person she is. She's not the abstinent loner she claims to be. She's just trying to hook me, and maybe others too, because what agents say or write is often an amalgam of elements gathered by spying at targets. She might be after various guys like this, then she can say "I'm not talking to someone in particular" even though she is specifically targeting people.

Since I have talked about marriage at case number three, where I talk about two students, she has changed her views about it. She doesn't seem to be looking for a husband anymore. She says that marriage comes from the system. She's against the system and she doesn't believe in any religions. She believes in what she calls "the creator". (This last remark does not give any indications on my personal beliefs, I'm just describing her.) She also has people replying to her and agreeing about her new views on marriage. It's something that is often being done on her channel in order to target me.

According to what is being said about targeted individuals, and no matter how it's being done, some people might be making her say these things without her being aware of it. The problem with this is that it gives an easy way out for those who would really be spying at people and stealing from them. The agents can tell the target "There not really responsable for this, it's operators who make them say this". They make you feel guilty of expressing accusations, and you'll never find out about what is really going on.

(This section was available on a previous Web site since May 15, 2015, with modifications on May 22 and 24, 2015.)


Since my Web site is online

● There were some reactions when my Web site got online. It was accompanied by special effects mimicking laughter, something they often do on the radio. There were also references to the color of my Web site.

● Something strange happened while I was working on the texts for my Web site, before it got online. I had left my MP3 player on my desk where I was working and it started playing on its own. The player was not connected to my computer and nothing was touching it. It's not the first time something like this happens since I am targeted. This type of incident as also been reported by other targeted individuals, as appliances are being turned on remotely by those who monitor them.

When I realized that my MP3 player was playing, it was a specific song that was playing and it was related to other events that happened to me as a target. Those people constantly keep a record of the music I listen to.

● They indirectly consider my Web site as being an autobiography and they claim that I omitted items and that I give myself the starring role.

● They made reference to some of the less noble things I did at home in the past when I did not know I was constantly monitored. That's part of their psychological warfare. They want me to feel uncomfortable by mocking what I have reported about the imitation in the medias.

● Some of my comments on this page, coupled with things I have said otherwise verbally or in my writings, were taken up and transformed by a propaganda artist who gave them another meaning.

● They tried to find a weakness in the evidence that I present.

● They made references to my choice of words, especially in English which is not my mother thongue. Everytime I search for a word translation, they use this word and sometimes offer an alternative. This alternative is often a word that I had found but did not choose to use. They scrutinize all the process.

● The picture of myself that I have put on the Web site has been used as a model for the electoral campaign posters of a new public figure that has emerged in politics. The posters also contained an element related to me that does not appear on the picture I have online. A strange new employee where I work had encounters with this public figure.

● Shortly after having written about mind reading and having said that music videos were created from that type of monitoring, a new video appeared illustrating my thoughts once again, always involving the same pop singer. The thoughts seem to be archived, because this idea had gone trough my mind a few years ago.

Since my Web site is online, the surveillance and the imitation in the medias did not stop.


About the people writing to me and linking to me

The first time someone wrote to me was after I had written the section of my testimony called Recruitment, where I say that I was pressurized into giving a press conference, give interviews and appear on a TV show. Radio show hosts were pressurizing me and someone on the Internet told me to go to a particular TV show. As I said in this section, I thought the idea was ridiculous.

Shortly after I had written this section and put it online, I got contacted by a guy from my area. He claimed to be targeted. At first, I was answering him, but I eventually stopped the correspondance because of what he was telling me. I felt that he knew things that he's not supposed to know about me. For instance, he knew about the show where I was being pressurized to appear, even if I had just talked about it indirectly without giving the name of the show. Someone could say that the people from my area just guess about the show because everyone knows about it. Maybe. The guy also said, amongst other things, that he was the one who had the idea of getting this show on air and that they had stolen his idea, even though the show already existed in another country. I also personally don't understand why the type of person who's going to get targeted would want such a show on air. (Let say he's right, maybe they just have twisted his idea.)

The guy also told me that he was afraid that he would get shot like JFK, the latter being someone I had gotten interested into since I got targeted and realized how everything was faked. I allready suspected that what we see in the medias was faked, but I now have my own proofs.

The guy also had a name similar to a blogger that had made reference to my ideas in the past, ideas that I had not expressed publicly. His name, or similar names, had also been used by new public personalities that were created and targeted me. There is also another person who claims to be targeted that has a name with similar characteristics and that I got aware of when other individuals contacted me. So, there are about 4 individuals who claim to be targeted or who are targeting me and who have names with similar characterictics, all with the same initials and a similar first name.

I eventually stopped the correspondence with this guy because what he was telling me got me suspicious about him. I also got suspicious because he wrote to me just after I had written on my Web site that I was being pressurized to go to a particular show. It's a show that nobody can criticize without getting vicious attacks or get set up. I never had recieved any e-mails before making reference to this show, and as you will see, 3 other individuals also wrote to me after I had mentionned it.

When I stopped the correspondence with this guy, a women from a foreign country wrote to me. She was from a country that I had recently visited and that I had considered moving to. She was living overseas, but she gave me her phone number and wanted to talk to me and meet me in person, as if I was living next door. I personally have identified her as not being real because of what she told me. She was using vocabulary that had a meaning to me, emphasizing words related to things I had written on my computer and that the medias had also conveyed. There were also other elements that made me think that she was not real, for instance, numbers.

Shortly after, another women from the same country and with a similar name wrote to me. She said she wanted to keep in touch with me.

It all happened as the date when I had visited this country a year before was approaching. A newspaper that is targeting me since the beginning of this story also had a huge publicity on the first page for trips in this country. I personally think that they were trying to pressurize me to go back there before the time I had decided, or get me to move there under their control. They always try to interfere in my decision process.

Then, when I refused to correspond with the two women, another one contacted me from the same country. She said she was in charge of a group of targeted individuals and that they planned on forming an association and having a Web site. She gave me informations about there project. She also wanted to meet me in person.

All these women (except maybe one of them) considered me as being a citizen of their country, even if it is written on my Web site that I am Canadian. I also told them by e-mail. During a period of time, I was also receiving notices from this country to tell me that my electricity bill had not been paid. I had to contact the electricity company to tell them that I was Canadian and that I had no account with them. The sending of these notices then stopped.

So, during a period of a couple of weeks after talking about the particular TV show, 4 individuals contacted me, as I had previously not recieved one e-mail in more than a year.

After months, another women from the same country wrote to me about there new Web site. She only gave a first name, and it was a name that has a meaning to me. It was related to family matters and job searches. There were strange anomalies on the Web site, like the mispelling of a word that have a meaning to me (they now have corrected it, but it was there for months), transcription of text from my Web site with minor changes to the text, these changes also having a meaning to me. It was related to something that was conveyed by the medias and that academics also made reference to. They also linked to my redirection page, with the wrong spelling of my first name, instead of my main Web site, when it's obvious that the first one is just a redirection link. There was also something about the implacement of the link that is similar to something that happended at my working place and that the medias also indirectly made reference to. (At the moment I am writing these lines, it as changed, but they now put me in a section that presents me as being a citizen of there country, and they do it even though I asked them to remove everything.) Most of the names of the people who had previously contacted me also don't appear on the Web site, including the one who told me she was in charge. There is absolutely no informations about those who run the site and the association. They just have selected a few testimonies, including mine, but linked to my redirection page where you find only a couple paragraphs of text. I suspect someone (if that person really works alone) who has another Web site to be behind this thing, but I cannot know. I also am suspicious about other people related (directly or indirectly, I cannot know) to this Web site, even when they attack it. I remain vague about it, but at least one of them might have been selected because of things I have said in private. Anyway, it looks like just another operation against me, like there as been many others. (As I am writing these lines, there is another one going on. It's been like this since 2006.) It's like if they see me going on my own and they don't like it, and then just try to find a way to try to gain control over what I do.

Eventually, other people also have contacted me, most of the time by waves of several individuals at the same time, followed by periods of time where I recieve only a few e-mails. During the periods when I recieve more e-mails, there are often similarities in the way the people contact me, even though they look independent from one another.

For all these reasons, I may not answer you if you write to me, or I may eventually stop corresponding with you. People might try to set me up. I also am suspicious about groups and associations related to targeted individuals, because I know that there are many that are fake.

I also want people to know that I have absolutely nothing to do with the individuals or associations linking to me, neither with the ones I'm linking to. I do not personally adhere to everything they are saying. I currently am completely independant and not part of any group.

I am not building this Web site specifically to make friends. I won't change my usual behavior towards people because I am targeted. I've always been more of a loner than a guy hanging out in groups.

I understand that some people might need to talk to someone about their situation, but being targeted myself, I don't really have the time and energy to engage in this type of relationship. I need time on my own to retreive from the situation and ressource myself and do the things that I wanted to do before being targeted. I also could get manipulated and set up.

I think that what I say in this section reflects the situation of targeted individuals. From the testimonies that I have seen, getting in contact with other targets is not necessarily a positive experience.

In addition, there are people who say that some targeted individuals do not control everything they say. If they are targeted and under the effect of mind control, no matter how it is done, they can be used against me, which further complicates the situation. However, I personnally think that a perp could use this loophole to say that he is not directly responsable for what is going on, even if he is actually consciously doing everything on purpose.

Also, my communications with them are always accompanied by feedback from the medias, which also irritates me and is probably designed to do so.

This being said, it doesn't mean that people can't write to me. This is why I have a contact e-mail.

(This section was available on a previous Web site since November 28, 2014, with slight additions and changes on November 30, 2014, January 8, 2016 and September 26, 2016 and March 22, 2020.)


Advice for Targeted Individuals

Targeted individuals often write to me for advice about their situation.

When I recieve e-mails, I always get in front of the same problem : are they real or not? Are they writing to me just to analyze me, try to set me up or make me loose my time?

Very often, when I get contacted, it's in waves of people. I rarely recieve an isolated e-mail. There are people who say it's because they are trying to drown the real targets in a wave of fakes so that I can't distinguish the real ones from the others. They like to interfere or block the communication between the targets.

I personally think a lot of people who are writing to me are fakes. To resolve that problem, I have decided to create this section so that I don't have to repeat the same thing all over again to the fakes. The real ones can read this section and get the information.

So, in this section, I give some advice to targeted individuals, based on my personnal experience. It as to be taken for what it is : my own advice according to my personnal experience, not the absolute truth to be applied for each and every personnal cases. It just adds to what you can find on the Internet. It's the type of things I would say to people writing to me.

So here's my advice for the real targets :

- Listen to yourself, you know what you need in order to feel better about your situation. You don't have to behave according to peer pressures, and you're the one in charge of your life.

- Remember who you were before the targeting started. A person who liked hanging out in groups of people? A loner? What type of people did you like to have in your surroundings? For what reasons did you like talking to this particular type of person, or to that other type of person?

It's important to remember these things, because the stalkers will try to change this. They can try to replace the people you were in contact with by others who have some physical or psychological similarities, but who are different. They want to change you. They are superficial and they don't care about the unique relationship you had with someone. They can try to make you repeat what you have done with a particular person, but with someone different that they have chosen, and in another context. It's an attempt of mind control.

- If you quit a job or loose a job, the gang stalkers are going to use this situation to try to manipulate you on the labor market. The employers are in on this and they're part of a network of people who are watching you. Usually, they don't give targeted individuals a normal access to the labor market. If you're a political target, they can use this opportunity to put you in contradiction with your views in the next place where you will get hired. They can amplifiy something that they were trying to do to you at the previous job. Quiting a job doesn't mean that you will get away from them. You probably allready know this if you really are targeted.

- Confront these people everytime you can when you think it can give results, like when you have evidence about what's being done, or when you have witnesses.

When there's nothing you can do, ignore it. Try not to pay attention to these people and try not to let them affect you. Try to emotionally detach yourself from them. Most of it is psychological warfare.

- In spite of the situation you are living, try to be nice to the good people in your surroundings and keep away from the other ones. Some people can be used as informants, or others just be part of a gossiping network about you, but sometimes they can have a good attitude towards you and even help you. However, be careful, there are a lot of hypocrits.

- When you want to take actions, you can use everything that you have at your disposition: bosses, co-workers, syndicates, lawyers, etc. Even though all these groups of people are infiltrated, it can give some results. However, don't expect to stop everything overnight.

When you talk about it to people, you don't have to talk about the whole gang stalking thing to everybody. Just talk about the unacceptable and obvious things that are going on, especially when you have evidence.

- You can sometimes use aggressivity with some people. It can get some gang stalkers away from you. However, be careful not to loose a job or to get arrested. On the other hand, when you loose a job or get arrested, you might see some changes at the next job you get, but most of the time, it will not stop the whole thing.

- Keep a record. Some people will say "No, don't keep a record or a diary, just forget about it, make friends and go on with your life". That's because they want you on mind control and they want you to assimilate this program. They don't want you to have a clear mind about what is going on. It's also better to keep a record if you want to gather some evidence. Take pictures, register, film whenever you can and take notes.

Keeping a record will help you understand your situation and have a good memory. It will help you remember what happened to you, who you were before it all started and what you wanted to do. It will help you fight the manipulation and the mind control. If you can't change your life situation, you can at least save your psychological, intellectual and spiritual integrity. Your mind and your inner life is yours, no matter what is going on in the outside world.

- Have yourself a place where you can relax and get in touch with yourself. You at least got to have a room, or even better, a Faraday chamber where you can go and escape, or partially escape from the situation and get in touch with who you really are.

Remember, if you really are targeted, this situation is real and there are chances you are under a mind control attempt. Don't loose yourself.

- For this one, maybe some people wont agree with me, but I'll still say it. Don't be afraid or feel guilt about cutting contact with those who are playing this game with you, even if they are family members. They won't stop and will go on and on. They operate over a long period of time, like if they want you to forget about it and get you tired about the situation in order to have you submited. Some people will say "Stop talking to family members is not something that you can do!!!". However, look at what these family members are doing to you. Is it a way to treat a family member? They try to use guilt in order to keep you in such a situation. They don't want you to get away from it. They expect you to be nice to your stalkers all the time. They like to do this to religious and spiritual people and use the guilt and the inner conflicts that a religious or spiritual person will be going through because he or she thinks that they have to be nice to people all the time, especially to family members. You are religious or spiritual and your family members are not and they are not being nice to you, you don't have to stay there if it doesn't feel positive, no matter what some fake preachers in the United States will say. Like every other entity in society, the Church can get involved in the gang stalking because they are infiltrated and have connections with the establishment. Your family members have nothing to do in your privacy, your sex life, your money, your decisions, etc. They take the side of your opponents and insult you on the phone or when you meet them, or hang up on you and expect you to call back even though they never call you when they know perfectly well that you are in trouble; they isolate you from what is going on in the family, they lie to you, they don't want you in the picture when there is something wrong going on because they know you're a better person than they are and they don't want you to intervene; they got the system and the government backing them, which contribute to isolate you. You don't need people like this in your life.

Fake targeted individuals will often pose as having a good relationship with their family, boyfriend/girlfriend or husband and wife, but they just do it in order to make the real targets feel bad about themselves when they don't have these good relationships anymore. They like to try to get the target back to his family even though the problematic situation has not resolved. They want the target to remain close to a toxic situation, because they use it to harass and control him or her.

But don't get me wrong. I am not saying that everbody should keep away from their family. I'm just saying that it's an option that is not to be discarded.

- If you are experiencing media feedback :

For some targeted individuals, when they start getting targeted, they also get the communication system (the medias) along with the star system after them. Some targeted individuals call this "The Big Show", and that's what it is : a huge planetary show where the stars, the politicians and the media people talk to you, about you, and mimic you.

This thing is true and it can get distressful for the target, who doesn't understand what is going on and can get a confused and contradicting message from all these people. It will also be going on over the Internet on video channels and Web sites.

These people don't care about you. They monitor you, they know what you are doing, what you look at or click on over the Internet, they talk to you as friends in order to hook you and manipulate and they rape your mind and your privacy. They know, or their handlers know, that you are in trouble, and they do nothing about it. The establishment is aware of the gang stalking, and, of course, they don't want to stop it because they use it in order to remain in power.

However, I got some results by contacting journalists directors and other governmental organizations who are regulating the medias, but the situation never stopped completely. The most corrupted of them go on and on for years. When you contact them, they can stop temporarily, but then start all over again.

If you contact them, I suggest contacting the directors of journalists instead of the journalists, who will often just fool around with the thing. It's better to contact by e-mail in order to keep the proof that you have contacted them. You can call the company who owns the media and say that you want to get in touch with the person in charge of the journalists because you are having problems with some of them.

When I contacted them, they never called me back or responded by e-mail, and the governemental organizations where denying everything on the phone. However, afterwards, and even if they deny, you can see some changes being made in the medias, but don't expect everything to stop completely over night; at least it's not what has happened to me.

A good thing is just to ignore them. Don't read or listen, except when you want to keep a record, but even then, it's better to eventually stop listening or reading them.

- Try to relax. You can pray or meditate, but I think it might be better if you do it in a Faraday chamber, because they read the minds of targets. They can describe your meditation or attribute your prayers to one of your harassers and say "He's the one praying like that" and then tell you that you don't know how to pray and harass you about it by using fake preachers, even though you were getting good results from your prayers before you got targeted. They interfere in the target's prayers. They like targeting people who are spiritual and who are having a relationship with God and the invisible, because they don't want them to have any possibility to escape from their control.

About Faraday cages and spiritual activities : I don't know if a Faraday cage can create interference in a relationship with the invisible. At the time being, I don't have enough indications or informations about this.

- Try to gain independance. It's better when you don't have to rely on people. Try to keep a job when the situation is endurable. You might not have a good job, and it's not one that you really wanted and that you deserve, but at least you get the money to remain independant.

- There are a lot of agents on the Internet, so you have to be wary of these people. They target and mimic the real targeted individuals in order to drown them and try to control the Web community, just as they do in politics with controled opposition. They work for the establishment.

- I've been told that the average lenght of time to be targeted is about 15 years, but it also can last for life. I don't know if that number is accurate; I just give it as an indication. About the amount of people who are targeted worldwide, I don't know about the accurate number. Some people say from 2 to 3 millions, others say 10 000. There are a lot of fakes on the Internet, so it's hard to evaluate. It's also not everybody that goes public about it. Moreover, maybe some of them don't even know that they are targeted individuals. Also, in this type of situation, numbers are very often, if not always, manipulated.

Good luck.

(This section was added to the Web site on August 1, 2018. It was on www.targetedindividual.net since July 24, 2018)


My current situation

In this section, I make a short report on the state of my situation. When I don't bring any changes, even if the update is not recent, it's because the situation has not changed significantly.

February 17, 2019 :

I still am under surveillance.

I quit my last job and I will eventually give more details about what happened there.

November 3, 2017 :

Since last year, when I quit my previous job and complained to my boss about the surveillance and the gang stalking, the mind reading has intensified. Everytime I do or say something that goes against the illegitimate authority of those who are surveilling me, they amplify the feedback from the mind reading. I think that they have somewhat of a program for me and that they don't like the fact that I am not following it. I try to get jobs outisde of there control and they don't like it. They want me to work at specific places. I did not really want to work where I am working right now. I took the job after months of searches and not applying at places I knew they were trying to set me up. I finally had to go back to the same company I previously was working for, but in another store. I work as a clerk. Since I didn't have a job, I applied at several stores, but they hired me at that specific place where it's highly multicultural and I'm a minority amongst the employees as being a white guy. It's an inversion. Instead of being a majority of white people with a minority of colored people, I'm a minority as being white. I don't have any hatred for these people, but I know it's being done on purpose because of my conservative views. They took advantage of the situation because I was cornered and could not find a job. Nobody else was calling me. I never wanted to work for that company, but everytime I look for jobs, I end up having no choice but applying there because they control everything. I refuse all the other jobs where it's obvious they're trying to set me up. They try to put me in contradiction with my artistic and political views. It's mind control.

At my new job (I've been there for about six months), some people are strange. On the first day at work, I got my locker and the only one available for me was No. 101, which reminded me of room 101 in the 1984 novel, where the main character is being put under brainwashing.

Here is the picture of my locker :

During my first days at work, maybe the first day but I'm not sure, I had just arrived at the job and I was putting my stuff in that locker 101. A strange co-worker who's talking to me all the time and making reference to my privacy was having a conversation with another co-worker. He was talking about a movie where a man is being brainwashed so that he doesn't remember who he was before and forgets about his past. I thought this conversation was strange, because it's the type of dynamic I'm being put through since 2006. They try to make a different person out of me.

This same co-worker is also mimicking me and has conversations with me about what I am doing when I'm home, like the type of detergent I use to wash my bath or what I eat and how I cook my meals. He also comes to me along with another guy to have conversations about my thoughts.

I'm always being looked at, and the manager can mimick things I did when he wasn't there, or give orders about things I did when he wasn't there and that he can only know if he's being told by people looking at me with the cameras. There also was an episode involving helicopters after I had pointed at a camera because they look at me all the time. I had gotten a little bit aggressive and said something like "Hey asshole! You're looking at me!"

I also had gang stalkers outside the building where I work, and also a lot of red cars. The stalkers sit at the place where I have my break, or they leave objects where I use to sit, like lighters or plastic glasses. One stalker came to me and was mumbling stupid things, then got to his red car with another guy. Late at night, when my working day was over, there were still people in a red car in the parcking lot. I think it was the same people. The driver made the tires scream and the car passed not far from me at a high speed. I turned around and stared at them. They stopped when they got at the exit of the parcking lot even though there were no car passing by in the street and they could have gone their way. It's like they just had stopped there because I was staring at them. Then, they got away slowly.

Most of these episodes involving stalkers in the parcking lot have stopped when I started taking pictures of the red cars, but it has not stopped completely. A strange thing occured with someone who seemed to be a homeless guy.

Also, on my way to the job, or on my way back home, strange things occur in the metro.

On the Internet, Web sites and video channels that have been created in order to target me are still there.

About the media feedback : it's not as intense as it used to be, but it has not completely stopped. I also ignore a lot.

I have a room covered up with aluminum foil (a Faraday chamber) where I can get some privacy. It's been working well so far.


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