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Texts and Ideas

On this page, I present my views on various issues, not only on gang stalking and targeted individuals, even if these topics can also be adressed.

I do it because I am targeted for my political and artistic views. Therefore, my Web site is a place where I can express these views whitout having them distorted by those who are watching me. For those who are visiting my Web site, it also gives them an outlook about what type of individual I am.

I intend on writing on many various topics. It will be done in the form of texts, simple thoughts, or an enumeration of my ideas. These ideas correspond to what I really think without being constrained by the limits of the dominant ideological system.

All the ideas that I express sommarily can be developped eventually, as this page will develop with time.

Links to the various sections of this page :

Overview of my ideas

Art :

  -Artworks that I like

  -Popular music


Anglo-American Establishment

For a start, here's an overview of my ideas :

● Dismantlement of the technological surveillance system. The surveillance that is needed for the good functioning of society is done physically, outside the homes of the citizens.

● Reform of education focused on the occidental culture from Antiquity to about 1800 or 1850 whitout orienting knowledge in terms of socialism, marxism and abusive liberalism, in all fields. The contemporary era is just a few minutes in the history of Humanity.

● Give access to education to all social classes, but not to everybody. (This idea as to be more developed to be well understood.)

● Come Back to the hierarchy of the ancient Academy, in a modern version. Erudite and academic culture dominates, but I also include popular culture in this hierarchy. However, it is evidently placed at the lower levels of this hierarchy. What is designated by "contemporary art" and "actual art" is not promoted by the State, nor subventionned, and is also placed at the lower levels of the hierarchy. These works art not equal nor superior to the works produced by Man until the begginning of the 19th century. Apply the mesures so that it is well inscribed in the psychology of the population, in all social classes.

● Reorganize the Fine Arts system, which includes a reorganisation of the distribution of the subventions. Subvention the higher levels of the hierarchy to the detriment of the lower levels, the artists evolving at these levels having to find their public and finance themselves. Of course, the surveillance and stealing system as to be dismanteled in order to let the artists evolve at these lower levels if they want to. In this hierarchy, the technologies are percieved as being vulgar and dangerous, and this includes photography. Acoustic musical instruments and artistic work done by hand are considered being superior in nature.

● Reform and legiferation of popular music. Stop abusive liberalism, most notably about pressures that aims at changing morality and the value system of the population by targeting youngsters.

● Focus on advanced studies for men (of course, I'm not talking about delinquents), in all fields, and particularily in those who, historicaly, where masculine.

● Put an end to the domination of women in the field of the Arts and in several other areas related to culture and education.

● Put an end to mixity in schools and reorganize mixity in working places. This reasoning occurs outside the boundaries of the egalitarian ideology as it stands now.

● Dress code in educational institutions and in working places, for all social classes. No clothing prolitarization, except for the people for whom it is really necessary. It doesn't mean that everybody is dressing the same way. Of course, it also includes hypersexualization.

● Identification of male and female delinquants, accompanied by the introduction of appropriate measures.

● Take the media problem head on. Of course, it as to be done honestly and intelligently.

● Interdiction of tatoos and piercing, just as their promotion by pop culture and the medias. Mesures to be introduced : closure of the establishments that market them.

● Educate people to politeness and decency. Take them out of vulgarity.

● Forbid professional sports and the ideology of modern amphitheaters.

● Cohabitation of Francophones, Anglophones and Aboriginal people in Canada.

● Respect and protection of the French language and reform of French language in Quebec, for everybody : bring an end to slang.

● Bring an end to sexual propaganda.

● Bring an end to gay "mariage" and homosexual propaganda.

● Interdiction of pornography, soft pornography and its equevalent in pop culture. Stop giving the best songs to those who are playing this game, which doesn't mean to make "positive" discrimination in order to attack the concept of Beauty. A woman as the right to be beautiful without getting in front of a situation where the concept of Beauty is ideologically manipulated for the sake of egalitarianism. In certain cases, in Art, selecting a woman for her Beauty is not discrimination. The highest form of Beauty for a woman is the Beauty of the body and the Beauty of the soul. Also, it doesn't mean that nuditiy in Art is forbiden.

● Prostitution : arrest the prostitute just as the client, with equal legal treatment. Bring an end to ambiguous legislation and the publicity of the services, even on the Internet.

● Prohibition of the sale of all drugs and re-evaluation of the legality of selling different types of alcohol at a great scale.

● Educate people to enjoy the silence, bring an end to incessant conversations and chattering, espacially when the topic is stupid. Of course, it doesn't mean that people never talk.

● No attempts to prevent others from defending themselves, which is in line with reasonings about aggressivity.

I think that the elites of the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries had a superior psychology than the "elites" of the 20th and 21th century, even if they didn't have as much knowledge. I do not believe in the notion of "progress" as it is being put forward by todays "elites". I think that all of this is related to the ideological use of the argument of the value judgment that is often being used for the sake of egalitarianism. It is also related to the increase of the population and its management.

All these views are generally representative of how I think. Some of them could be modified a little bit, but, for most of them, their shouldn't be any major changes, because they have been at the center of my way of thinking for years. Other ideas could be added to this list.



In the field of arts, I am someone who as a strong preference for ancient occidental art. I have a way of thinking that is close to the ancient academic culture and the hierarchy of genres. I will develop further on this, because I also think that artists have the right to have a certain amount of freedom, which is something that I will explain. I will also probably write a little bit about popular music.

For now, here are some artworks that I like. I will still be adding some images.

The School of Athens,
Vatican, Stanza della Segnatura, Rome,
Image by Mark Harden

Poussin, Nicolas,
The Arcadian Shepherds (Et in Arcadia ego),
Oil on canvas,
87 x 120 cm,
Louvre Museum, Paris,
Image by www.humanitiesweb.org

David, Jacques-Louis,
The Death of Socrates,
Oil on canvas,
129,5 x 196,2 cm,
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York,
Image by Mark Harden

David, Jacques-Louis,
Cupid and Psyche,
Oil on canvas,
184 x 242 cm,
Museum of Art, Cleveland,
Image by www.humanitiesweb.org

Ingres, Jean-Auguste-Dominique,
The Source,
Oil on canvas,
163 x 80 cm,
Orsay Museum, Paris,
Image by www.ibiblio.org/wm/paint/auth/ingres/

Corot, Jean-Baptiste-Camille,
Morning. The Dance of the Nymphs,
c. 1850,
Oil on canvas,
98 x 131 cm,
Orsay Museum, Paris,
Image by https://commons.wikimedia.org

Bouguereau, William,
The Birth of Venus,
Oil on canvas,
300 x 215 cm,
Orsay Museum, Paris,
Image by http://www.humanitiesweb.org

Bouguereau, William,
Evening Mood,
Oil on canvas,
207,5 x 108 cm,
Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes de La Habana,
Image by https://commons.wikimedia.org

Bouguereau, William,
Compassion !,
Oil on canvas,
261 x 120 cm,
Orsay Museum, Paris,
Image by http://www.humanitiesweb.org

Légaré, Joseph,
View of the Fire in Saint-Jean District of Quebec City, Looking West,
Oil on canvas,
81.3 x 110.5 cm
National Gallery of Canada,
Image by https://commons.wikimedia.org

Hamel, Théophile,
The Daughters of Jethro,
After 1838,
Oil on canvas,
120 x 105 cm,
Montreal Museum of Fine Arts,
Image by https://commons.wikimedia.org



In this section, I will write about the exhibition of the artist as an anti in the artistic field.

A few weeks ago, during the night of October 7 to October 8 2015, pop singer Robyn Rihanna Fenty presented what is supposed to be the cover art for her forthcoming album called ANTI. I have the intention of following the release of her record and describe and analyse what she is doing. Here is a link to the article about the presentation of the cover art :


For now, here is a quote in French about the artist as an anti, followed by its translation :

"Volontaire ou non, l'exhibition de l'artiste comme anti, hors, ou au-delà des règles du marché de la consommation est avérée. Tactique réussi, puisque s'il n'est plus tout à fait l'étudiant pauvre dans sa mansarde qui avec ses amis fréquente les guinguettes et ruine sa santé et sa famille, image héritée du XIXe siècle romantique, l'image que le public se fait de l'artiste n'est pas très éloignée de cette bluette. En fait, il refuse l'idée d'un quelconque enrichissement de l'artiste, s'attachant à l'art désintéressé, à la création "libre", due à la souffrance, quitte à s'aveugler sur ses profits très réels, et accusant plutôt les intermédiaires d'exploiter le producteur, l'artiste. Van Gogh, le maudit, l'exilé de la société, fixe le paradigme, remportant tous les suffrages."

Cauquelin, Anne, L'art contemporain, coll. "Que sais-je", PUF, c1992, p. 33.

Translation :

Willingly or not, the exhibition of the artist as anti, outside or beyond the consumer market rules, is real. It constitutes a successful tactic, since the artist is no longer the poor student in his attic room who ruined his health and family by frequenting taverns with his friends, a vision of the artist inherited from the romanticism of the nineteenth century. The image of the artist that is conveyed by the public is not very far from this narrative. In fact, the public denies the idea of any enrichment of the artist, prefering and attaching themselves to selfless art and "free" creativity due to his suffering. They remain blind of his very real profits, instead accusing the intermediaries of exploiting the producer, the artist. Van Gogh, the cursed, the exiled of society, sets the paradigm, gaining all the votes.

So, Rihanna would be using an image of the artist inherited from the 19th century in which the general public believes in : the image of the artist working against the establishment, the "anti", creating selfless art and living in poverty. Of course, it is not what she is, because she is in fact working for the "elites". She is trying to impersonate the artist working on the sidelines of the major commercial networks and being a victim of the exploiters even though she is visibly not living in misery reagardless of her actual income. Furthermore, she is doing this by using contemporary art. I personnally also consider this being feminist propaganda because they have a woman who is publicized at a very large scale by the controlled medias playing the courageous artist confronting the establishment.

This is an example of tactics that are being used against the civilian population. I personally think that the "elites" target males by all kinds of means. Women are also targeted, but in a different way.

(This section has been added on the Web site on November 6, 2015, with an addition on November 27 2015)


Anglo-American Establishment

I open this section to talk about the Anglo-American imperialism and the implementation of what we call the New World Order. I open it even if it is not completed because each and everytime I research on a topic, even if it is already known, they start the mimicking and parroting.

For now I have two documents I can put online :

An article from the New York Times, dated from 1902 :

Mr. Rhodes's Ideal of Anglo-Saxon Greatness   Consult (pdf)

A book about the Anglo-American Establishment written by Carroll Quigley :

No matter what are this guy's views, and why he wrote the book, it gives good informations.

Quigley, Carroll, The Anglo-American Establishment, 1st ed., 1981, 354 p.

You can download this book along with other interesting books by following this link :   www.carrollquigley.net

(This section has been added on the Web site on June 24, 2016)


This page as been updated for the last time on June 24, 2016
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